SirVival Gallops Onto Google Play

SirVival Gallops Onto Google Play

Sep 30, 2015

SirVival is a new game that merges medieval heroism and endless running.

You, as the brave knight SirVival, riding atop Tantrum, your noble steed, are rushing through the fantastical land of Galgamar on a quest to rescue the kidnapped Princess Parsnip from the vile clutches of Maelstrom “The Malevolent,” an evil dragon! SirVival introduces an epic adventure in the form of a “platform-runner.”
• Punch and Jump: The brave knight SirVival is equipped with a lance fit with a boxing glove on its tip. As he and Tantrum rush through the land of Galgamar, Tantrum can jump over enemies and obstacles, SirVival can punch enemies and obstactacles by thrusting his lance, and SirVival and Tantrum (as a combined unit) can perform a jumping punch!

• Dynamic Roller-Coaster: As SirVival and Tantrum race through the land of Galgamar, they encounter “switches.” SirVival can punch switches that magically float in the air and Tantrum can jump onto ground-based switches to either change the path or eliminate an obstacle. Play each level multiple times, explore different paths, and find a variety of hidden treasures!

• Race: As SirVival and Tantrum race through the land of Galgamar they will encounter “friendly” knights (atop horses of their own) who are, also, in pursuit of Princess Parsnip! Race against these “friendly” knights in a variety of obstacle courses; win a race and earn a valuable prize!

• Find and Craft Treasures: During the quest, SirVival and Tantrum collect gold and power-ups, unlock treasures, and earn magical objects. Seek out Bamboozle the goblin and his roaming shopping cart! Bamboozle stocks treasures for purchase or rent that will help you on your journey! His traveling companion, Herkimur, will repair damaged items! While on the hunt for the Princess, SirVival and Tantrum might find magical items. Call upon The Wizard in his tent! Through his crafting table he shall enchant SirVival’s helmets with magical abilities!

• Storybook Presentation: SirVival is an adventure game that looks and feels like it has been lifted from the pages of a storybook. The story of SirVival’s adventures is told through narrated picture panels.

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Sky Review

Sky Review

Sep 30, 2015

If one is already familiar with Ketchapp games — and there really is no reason one shouldn’t be — one should expect a seemingly simple game with arcade aspirations. With Sky, Ketchapp doesn’t disappoint.

The game is a slick-looking number from the start; it is presented in landscape, and makes use of a stark background to frame the gamplay. It has a very clean look overall, and teeters pleasantly towards the futuristic with it’s polished use of perspective and interestingly shaped pieces.sky7

The gameplay feels a bit like Pac-Man, but leans more heavily on the survival side of things. The player controls a square piece, which moves continually from the top of the screen to the foreground. There are obstacles in the way, and the big idea is fairly obvious: avoid the obstacles and travel as far as possible. Primarily, there are yellow pellets that line the travel area that the square “consumes” while moving; these are also a measure of distance.

This is where the simplicity of the game makes itself known; the big tool with regards to avoiding obstacles (in this case, stationary squares) it to jump by tapping. Double tapping initiates a double jump that is makes the piece go higher and further than a regular jump. Because of how the “bad” squares are placed, one has to have a good sense of timing to be successful. For example, jumping multiple squares in succession is a visual battle, as one has to hit the gaps just right, as one misstep causes a collision, ending the run.

Like a true arcade game, there is an interesting twist when one travels so far: there are green houses that “split” the traveling square, such that one might find oneself simultaneously controlling multiple squares going down multiple paths. This is a particularly challenging aspect that adds to the game’s allure. There are also portals which, again, play delightful havoc on the eyes.

In the end, it’s all about that high score. The game is pretty well contained; an optional real cash unlock kills ads, but outside that, one can do other things (like unlocking other play pieces) by playing through.

Kethcapp has it figured out: simple does it.

Wii U Game Paper Monsters Recut Comes to Google Play

Wii U Game Paper Monsters Recut Comes to Google Play

Sep 30, 2015

Paper Monsters Uncut is a Wii game that is making its way to Android.


– Stunning cartoon-like console graphics with amazing dynamic lighting and real time shadows.
– Classic 2D platformer gameplay with gorgeous 3d environments.
– An adorable cast of fun, original characters.
– Tight responsive controls
– 3 Save slots for multiple game files!
– Old school-style playable overworld, with plenty levels and secrets to unlock along the way.
– Awesome power ups including jetpacks, submarines, lasers and more!
– Collect special treasures to unlock bonus high score mini games.
– Awesome original soundtrack.
– Fun for gamers of any age.

It is available on Google Play for free (with in-app purchases).

Ski Safari 2 Slaloms Onto Google Play

Ski Safari 2 Slaloms Onto Google Play

Sep 30, 2015

Ski Safari 2, the sequel to the popular Ski Safari is now available on Google Play.

Escape from forces of nature and team up with friendly animals as you race down the mountain!

* Will you play as the intrepid Sven or his lovely sister Evana? Will you use skis or a snowboard? Will you ride a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something a little more crazy?

* Perform tricks and hit the mountain in style! Pull off 360 spins, handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and strike daring poses – each animal has their own stylish moves!

* Play head-to-head multiplayer with your friends and family! Who will be king of the mountain? Pick up powerups to hurl snowballs, flip your friends’ screens upside-down, or pull a penguin out of your pocket for that quick escape!

* Collect coins to purchase new gear, crazy costumes and powerful vehicles in the shop! Isn’t it time you thought about that gold sled you always wanted?

* Take photos of your epic moments and share them with the world! Set up an amazing photo opportunity and spin the camera around for that perfect shot – all in glorious 3D!

* Three exciting locations are waiting for you to explore…


It’s the snowy slope we loved from Ski Safari, but it’s had a Mammoth makeover! Find the frozen Mammoth inside a cave and try to tame him. Or grind across the cables of the after-hours chairlifts. And best of all, grab a snowmobile and pull off epic jumps once more!


It’s about time. A jurassic jungle full of prehistoric pals like the Pterodactyl, the Woolly Mammoth and a baby Ankylosaurus. These ancient animals have a dino-mite plan for our intrepid stars! Race against the “Lavalanche”, slide along vines, or just go crazy performing tricks as you try to avoid rocks, stalactites and pools of molten lava!


Perhaps the gentle rolling of the tumbleweeds is more your pace. Unfortunately, they didn’t call it Twister Canyon for nothing. A fierce twister is headed straight for Sven and Evana! They just can’t catch a break, can they?

Here you’ll find an assortment of ragtag rapscallions including Sheriff Yeti, Chief Penguin, and even an Armadillo! Ride in a mine cart, hop on a rickety railway, grind along a telegraph wire or watch the Yeti play the piano! It’s how the wild, wild west was meant to be.

It’s available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

This Means WAR! Review

This Means WAR! Review

Sep 30, 2015

Some games demand to be played. Add This Means WAR! to the list.

Graphically, the game is beautifully garnished, with vivid imagery that is expressive and whimsical at the same time. The animations are simple and almost enjoyable to observe, with a lot of bright colors and a landscape that is interestingly bereft (is that a dinosaur skeleton?). The view is abbreviated top-down, and one can drag to scroll.

And folks will love the scrolling action, if only to take all the action in. The gameplay incorporates several elements in a quest to create a homogeneous battling experience, and as such, folks with differing gaming lies are catered to.

The hands on tutorial reveals the entirety of the play concepts in easy-to-digest chunks. As a new commander in this army, one learns how to collect supplies, mine for valuable resources and construct buildings, all of which are important with regards to winning battles. In this game, supplies, mined red crystals and elusive power cells serve as game currency, and the underlying idea is to manage one’s resources in such a way as to maximize output.


The pieces fit together in a logical fashion, and are mostly entwined. To build and upgrade barracks, one must have an appropriately leveled command center, and to have the right command center, one has to have the right amount of red stuff, and so on. As one gets more involved, one gets to craft soldiers and weapons; as with other aspects, the diversity of options available generally depend on how strong other pieces are. Crafting fits have a time component, so planning based in this is required.

Actual fighting is a big portion of the game. The player looks to craft an army for skirmishes in a leveled track, taking on some interesting enemy leaders. In these battles, crafting and utilizing the right tools for the job is key, and they usually boil down to deploying troops and arsenal in a strategic manner. It’s fun seeing the virtual border move as advantages are won and lost; ultimate success is rewarded with limited resource payouts.

There are a number of other defined elements, like factions, tasks, multiplayer options and more. Real cash can be used to expedite stuff, but isn’t completely necessary.

It comes together well, is hard to put down, and the many angles help prevent it from feeling overly complex.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

WordPress Gets Yet Another Update

WordPress Gets Yet Another Update

Sep 30, 2015

Mobile content creators that use WordPress should know that the developer is one of the most responsive. Proof? Well, right on the heels of its last update, we are getting a new build with even more features.


* New notification when a Post has been published, let you quickly share the link.
* Reintroduce link shortening when sharing from the post preview.
* Switching between main tabs and starting the app should be faster.
* New app icon.

WordPress remains free on Google Play.

Chromecast App Gets Android M Support and More via Update

Chromecast App Gets Android M Support and More via Update

Sep 30, 2015

It’s been a good day for Chromecast fans, future and present; for the latter, the Chromecast companion app is getting an update.

Say YAY to Android M support.

Per the Google Play page:


• What’s On: Browse popular and featured content from your favorite cast-enabled apps.
• Devices: Personalize backdrop with Facebook and Flickr photo albums and control (play, pause & change volume) all your Chromecast devices.
• Get Apps: Discover new offers and cast-enabled apps from content partners, through our curated and merchandised experience.
• Search: Find where you can cast your favorite movies and TV shows.
• Support for:
• All new Chromecast devices
• Android M

We checked out Chromecast hardware a while back; check out our review.

House of Marley Unveils New Water-Resistant Speaker

House of Marley Unveils New Water-Resistant Speaker

Sep 29, 2015

Fans of everything Bob Marley should enjoy this quick bit of news: House of Marley, the electronics brand that celebrates the iconic reggae musician’s vision, is coming out with a new wireless speaker.

And this Chant Sport is waterproof.

Excerpts from the press release:

House of Marley, innovators in quality and eco-conscious audio products created by the family of Bob Marley, today announces the availability of Chantâ„¢ Sport. An addition to the Chant Bluetooth speaker family, Chant Sport is the largest of the portable audio systems, producing bigger and bolder sound from a 360 degree sound chamber inside a recycled exterior featuring IPX7 water-resistant protection for enhanced outdoor use and portability.

Chant Sport’s cylindrical design is engineered to float and is the size of a water bottle to easily fit a water bottle cage or average cup holder. Made of recycled blended bio-plastic, silicone and recyclable aluminum housings, Chant Sport is not only beautiful, but appealing to the eco-conscious consumer.

“A water resistant speaker has always been part of House of Marley’s dream product lineup,” says Sam Vanderveer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of House of Marley. “As we continue to grow it’s important our products represent the Marley family and innovation in electronics and style, and the Chant Sport is an exciting addition that does just that.”

Two 4.5 watt, 1.75 inch drivers and two passive radiators give the Chant Sport booming sound without compromising on signature House of Marley audio quality. Featuring the functionality and portability of the Chant BT and Mini speakers, Chant Sport adds a water-resistant design with IPX7 protection ideal for outdoor use. Bluetooth 4.0 supports wireless playback for Chant Sport and an auxiliary input allows for additional connections for devices not equipped with Bluetooth. The built-in microphone makes Sport the perfect hands-free speakerphone and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to eight hours of wireless play

We had an opportunity to review a precursor to this — the Chant — and came away mostly pleased. The new Chant Sport is available for $119.99.


Downton Abbey Review

Downton Abbey Review

Sep 29, 2015

Yep, it’s Downton Abbey. Enough said.

The game starts in such a way that series fans should find familiar: clan cornerstone Carson eagerly welcomes an agent to the Earl of Grantham’s residence. Early on, the idea is to solve stuff by finding stuff in “plain” site.

Completing sessions (by finding items) earns one valuable XP and items. There is also an upgrade/crafting element which comes into play and adds some complexity to an otherwise simple game.

When it’s all said and done, it is, at its core, a constructed hidden object game. The core competency sought is the ability to pick out selected items from a series of still images, and to do so as quickly as possible with as few helpers as possible. The artwork utilized reflects the time period adequately — at least, in my mind it did — and the scrolling feature that allows for more hidden objects allows the game to feel a bit more mysterious.

The artwork does have a blandness to it; I assume it’s purposely done, so as to create more of a challenge. The use of color and perspective are interesting indeed.


There is a bit of repetition with regards to objects that need to be found, yes, but the developer does mix up locations a bit to make it less predictable; as one taps the located items, new ones get populated to one is finished with the section.

My biggest challenge ended up being able to know what the heck I was looking for in the first place; either I need to watch the show more, or bone up on period history, because looking for a flagon created all sorts of problems for me. In some ways, figuring out what was what was still an enjoyable aspect of the game.

Simply put, the gameplay, familiar characters and additional elements make for an interesting ride.

DEER HUNTER 2016 Review

DEER HUNTER 2016 Review

Sep 29, 2015

When it comes to, um, “manly” endeavors, none resonates as well as hunting game. Heck, some folks put their livelihoods at risk to shoot that of the protected kind — no love here — but gaming kings have outlets decidedly less controversial.

DEER HUNTER 2016 can easily be one of these. It has good pedigree, is easy to get into and provided the staggered gameplay that has the potential to keep folks addicted.deer3

It boils down to a encompassing series of missions, mostly to with hunting deer (obviously). The first mission is a perfect frame of reference, as it requires the bagging of a juvenile deer.

As one progresses, this first level serves as a tutorial; one learns how to move using virtual buttons, and also how to aim, zoom in even further, and how to take shots. Based on this first mission, one is also able to gather that successfully completed missions yield game cash and experience points. After this, the rest of the game is “opened” a bit more in all it’s leveled glory.

It goes on with different type of missions, adding in more specific tasks (like getting a lung shot), and, as a consequence, upgrading weapons and gear so as to deal with said new tasks. For instance, when it comes to locking in on internal organs, it helps to have infrared sights. To upgrade, the aforementioned game cash is useful to have.

The action is fairly realistic. Taking an errant shot tends to spook the animals, so being accurate with the first shot is definitely recommended. It’s possible to injure a target, but just like real deer, these virtual ones will hobble away if allowed to. On and on it goes, with an energy requirement, daring the player to bring down different types of deer while managing resources simultaneously. There are predators too; man, gators move fast.

Fair warning: the touch controls doesn’t do the game justice; it’s far from bad, but if one is used to playing hunting sims with realistic peripherals on console, it might be a bit underwhelming. In some areas, the animations feel somewhat stilted, but it works well overall from a graphical point of view; simple stuff like the slow motion bullet isn’t new, but is welcome nonetheless.

Still, mobile is where it’s at, and this one works well on the go, though the experience is better the bigger the screen is. It’s a great leveled adventure, and is a fun, non-lethal means of, well, shooting game in unique locations around the virtualized world.

Ingress Gets Updated on Google Play

Ingress Gets Updated on Google Play

Sep 28, 2015

The preeminent augmented reality game on Android, Ingress, is getting an update now via Google Play.

Per its Google Play page, the new build includes:


Version 1.83.1
And we’re back!
– Sorting for loading and unloading capsules!
– Fixes for Dynamic Compass mode
– Fix Portal scan on resume
Don’t miss the Abaddon anomaly series coming to cities around the world.

We had an opportunity to formally check it out way back when, and truly like it; the game remains free on the Play Store.

Immerse Virtual Reality Headset Hardware Review

Immerse Virtual Reality Headset Hardware Review

Sep 28, 2015

Virtual reality is the thing right now, and I’d be lying if I said that I do not find it highly intriguing. With Google leading the mobile charge, one can easily see it ramp up, and Google Play is beginning to see more and more creative app entries.

In terms of hardware, there are options; the cardboard ones are definitely cool, but there are also newer pieces with sturdier materials, like the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset.

At the risk of showing one’s age, it just might remind one of those retro View-Master sets — those cool toys of yesteryear that used clickable reels to piece together a visual story. Like those, this unit is stereoscopic in nature, but is decidedly a bit more contemporary with regards to the way it incorporates technology.

The review unit itself comes in its retail packaging; one gets the headset and documentation. The unit is mostly black and consisting of a hard plastic finish. As noted earlier, picturing a View-Master gets one a rough idea of how it looks, and the strap towards the rear helps hold it in place on one’s head.

Towards the front, there are clips, which, when manipulated, allow the user to open the unit and reveal a hollow cavity with a simple adjustable mechanism that holds the inserted device in place; this allows one to slot in an appropriately sized smartphone that essentially powers the setup.


Before setting up, one has to find a VR app; Google Play has several in addition to the few that were suggested on the retail packaging.

When it’s all ready to go, with app installed and running and the whole thing put on, it’s time to go.

Both lenses line up perfectly, and the unit works with surprising effectiveness. Depending on the app selected, it can be a the, uh, immersive experience; it does bring the virtual world to life. At first, it can even be a bit disconcerting — in an interesting way — till the user gets used to it. For such reasons, it’s almost as much fun watching someone else use the unit. Word of caution: make sure to refrain from “walking” into or with the experience!

It’s a fun diversion, but in truth, it’s only as good as the VR software available. The pickings are still relatively sim with regards to “real” games. Without a controller, it is a bit difficult to manipulate the games without constantly opening the unit to get the device out. Also, phablets are iffy, with the 5.7″ screen size ceiling; one also has to watch the device one uses, because if, say, the power button is on the one side, it could press against the internal holding piece and cause problems.

Still, for a relatively cheap solution, the Immerse is pretty enjoyable to use. It does open up a whole new sector to a new type of fan, and is great in groups or when one is solitary.