Soccer Shootout Review

Soccer Shootout Review

Aug 31, 2016

A an English person, the idea of taking penalties strikes fear into my heart. It’s just something we’re genetically unable to do. However, after some hours with Swipe Soccer, I fancy my chances from the penalty spot a little bit more.

Soccer Shootout’s a straightforward idea. It’s a penalty shootout game where you swipe at the screen to take a penalty or to get your goalkeeper to dive. You can apply swerve, direction and power to your shots by swiping in a particular way. Swipe quickly for more power, swipe at an angle to aim for the corners and draw a line that’s not straight for curve.

It’s the same thing for goalkeeper control too. Swipe left, right, high or low – it’s dead simple and actually quite fun.

The game has some added depth thanks to the fact you can unlock and buy new players. These are important as different players will have different stats. How good a player is will actually affect how hard you have to swipe and how precise you can be with your kicks. On top of this, players and ‘keepers can have special abilities. These abilities allow you to swerve the ball more wildly, reduce your opponent’s field of vision and even perform a really odd lob kick that belongs on an American Football field.SS1

The game has both singleplayer and multiplayer options. In the single player mode you take on teams from around the world, touring the globe one country at a time. As this isn’t an officially licensed product you’ll be facing off against some weird looking crests that will remind you of a real team’s logo, but most certainly are not a real team’s logo. This also goes for the names of the players, though some of the names have been so heavily altered it’s hard to recognise who they’re trying to be.

Online is fun, though you can sometimes come up against people who have much better players than you. Being in a shootout with players that are way better than your own means your keeper won’t have even moved by the time the ball’s flown into the net. I understand you want to reward players that have spent more time and money on the game than others, but it’s a little bit too much.

As you play through either mode you’ll earn money. This can be used to ‘train’ your players, which is just another way of boosting their stats. You can also save your money up and got ahead and buy an entirely new player. Those of you that are willing to part with your real money for access to the game’s fake money will have access to the more expensive and therefore better players.

In the end, Soccer Shootout is a pretty fun game that has a really simple premise but it’s so well made, it’s hard not to have fun. There’s new players being introduced regularly, so if you’re happy constantly taking penalties, there’s plenty to keep you going.

Leeo Smart Alert Hardware Review

Leeo Smart Alert Hardware Review

Aug 31, 2016

I’m not particularly shy when it comes to proclaiming my mobile accessory philosophy: I want the piece to be useful, affordable, and if it can do more than one thing — keyword: well — I’m down for a spin.

Leeo Smart Alert, on paper, fits the bill, and then some — if one so chooses.

But what is this thing at first glance? Well, the review package the manufacturer sent to us reveals a bit. In the blue-centric retail box, one gets the all-in one unit and documentation. The unit looks a bit like a tapered cylindrical puck, with metal plugin prongs, the all-white coloring gives it a somewhat serious look, and the exterior is framed in hard plastic. It is just about palmable, coming in at 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches and 4.5 ounces.

On the outside, a slightly clearer plastic band is apparent, as well as a telltale toggle button up top.

When the unit is intuitively plugged in, one gets to see its initial functionality via the aforementioned clearer strip: it ostensibly works as a plugin nightlight. It gives off a fairly bright flow, even and constant. Its size makes it quite portable (with an outlet available, of course), and the construction makes it feel durable.


Okay. Not bad.

Secondarily, this piece also looks to serve as an extended sentry of sorts, in that it allows users to keep tabs on existing in-house alarms, like fire.

To make use of this, one needs to download the companion Leeo app via the Play Store, and then connect it to a plugged unit via Wi-Fi. After any and all updates have occurred, the solution is ready to use.

It’s easy to test; we simply initiated a fire alarm test beep, and the Leeo dutifully shot up some notifications. In theory, this is a great idea for one folks are in town, or, say, for times one is local and doesn’t hear or see an alarm trigger.

All in all, it’s a simple device that does its job; It’s an extra safety blanket for folks who want such.

Flip Diving Review

Flip Diving Review

Aug 31, 2016

There are a lot of things that I think are pretty cool, but have NO intention of ever doing. Say what you want, but I have a healthy respect for my own limitations. I don’t mind watching professionals do these things… heck, I’d even pay to observe.

I’m talking about stuff like surfing killer waves. Skiing slopes that have a hint of dangerously cascading snow. Base jumping. All things I have no problem passing on.fd3

Oh yeah… and cliff diving.

Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to see why a game like Flip Diving — from prolific Android publisher — is made for wusses like me.

If complexity is a problem, this one is all but home free. The basic premise is ultra easy-to-understand, and the graphics mostly do the job of giving context to the gameplay. The player controls a diver, with everything in a vivid 2D presentation. Using a simple tap/release system, one can make the person jump and start to do flips in the air.

One aspect to getting a good score is releasing at just the right time, such that the diving character goes hands and headfirst/feet-first into the water. This small piece really works; release at the wrong time, and the diver may default to a detestable belly or black flop.

Another element are the collectible gold coins that line the flight path, and the landing area that decreases in size as one goes further and further. New tricks are unlocked with progress, and there are other arcade elements to keep things interesting.

When it’s all said and done, having a good sense of timing is probably the easiest way to make gains. As stated earlier, the game controls are quite intuitive, and as such, getting one’s tuck-on feels natural and is easily invoked.

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Aug 31, 2016

For a lot of business folks, the exchange of business cards is a required part of business. ABBYY’s Business Card Reader allows professionals to digitize card data to smartdevices.

Per the press release, the update brings:

The updated version has:
◦ enhanced computer vision enabling the app to identify the edges of a business card
◦ auto focus and auto click: just point the camera, the app will do the rest
◦ automatic perspective correction
◦ auto crop
◦ manual crop
◦ image enhancing filters
◦ both sides of a business card
◦ full-screen viewing mode
◦ export of contacts to MS Excel as a searchable, manageable database
◦ 50% higher processing speed: now it only takes 5 seconds to digitize a business card!

There is a free and Pro version available on Google Play.

Flyp Review

Flyp Review

Aug 31, 2016

Having one universal mobile phone number does have its benefits, but there are also several reasons one might want a second number. Privacy, business, locale… there are times when having alternate contact digits is invaluable.

This is where Flyp – Multiple Phone Numbers looks to make its mark.

Setup was ultra easy. All I had to do was install the application, create an account and then select a number in my area code.flyp3

The app is gently set, with a simple layout that is seemingly designed with ease of use in mind. Calls can be initiated therein, as well as text messages. The app also accepts the same, with its own ring tones and such.

Making said call is a simple matter of using the app dialer. Flyp uses the host phone’s minutes, so one does need to be cognizant of that. Calls were clear, and messages prompt in testing. Numbers can be color-coded too, but unfortunately, one’s address book is separate from the home device’s.

It is possible to manage more than one Flyp number on a single device — for a price. Numbers cannot be ported in or out just yet, but this is supposed to be on the to-do list.

In a lot of ways, it feels like just what the doctor ordered. It’s a self-contained solution that works quite well, and allows one to essentially run multiple numbers from a single device. It’s a vibrant application that mostly does what it sets out to do.

On the other hand, while the standalone nature clearly has its benefits, the fact that it doesn’t work seamlessly with the Android system might give some users pause. Taking a separate set of actions to initiate and/or receive calls and texts, no matter how small, makes smart dive users flip out.

For everyday use, it’s easy to see how the benefits outweigh the negatives, and the ability to add a veneer of privacy to one’s telephony use is invaluable. I really appreciate the simplicity and extensibility of this solution.

That is the niche Flyp can carve out.

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull Review

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull Review

Aug 31, 2016

Leather underoos aside, I loved He-Man. Bulging muscles, a cool sword and a transformable pet. He-Man wasn’t just another ordinary man, he was (is?) the man.

Hey, taking on the enemies of the universe takes a man of action.

In He-Man Tappers of Grayskull, the player gets to partner with our famed champion at least one more time.

The graphics are bit more modern than the original, which should appear o newer fans. The game uses a host of gentle heman3colors to frame the gameplay, and the main game incorporates a lot of animations. The sounds are reliably haughty, and in a lot of ways, the looks and sound are the some of the best aspects of the game.

The storyline stays right about where fans of the cartoon would expect it be: mega-villain Skeletor is nothing if not a schemer, and right at the onset of this saga, he’s plotting to take over Eternia. Nothing uniquely new; Skeletor is always the epitome of dissatisfaction.

Skeletor does have a new process to effect victory, by way of misappropriated magic that enlarges his minions to otherworldly proportions. Now, He-Man has to take on enemies several times his size.

He-Man does one thing well: fighting. The player, as He-Man, takes on hoards, individually, by tapping. Enemies pop up, and one reduces the lifebars, on and on. It helps to be quick, and gold coins are the reward for doing well. Gold coins can be used to improve attributes, and down the line, bosses need to be dealt with.

Allies can be summoned, and it does take a bit of thinking to get through some boss levels. There are also achievements one can garner via gameplay.

The game works well because one need not necessarily be a He-Man feen to enjoy it. The clicker mechanism is universal and fairly intuitive, and stands on its own. The host of characters and such will be a cherry on top for fans of the franchise.

On the other hand, it is a lot of the same; some folks might prefer a bit more complexity.

In the end, it does its thing, doesn’t stray too far into details, and can be played in a pinch.

You have the power…

Animoca’s ‘He-Man Tappers of Grayskull’ Arrives on Android

Animoca deserves applause for bringing us He-Man Tappers of Grayskull to Android gamers.

Excerpts from the Google Play page:

Brace yourself for He-Man’s most enthralling adventure yet! Fight alongside He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in this glorious tapper adventure RPG!

An epic journey through Eternia awaits! Do YOU have the power?

– Witness the return of the Masters of the Universe in this grand RPG
– Form a powerful and unmatched offensive against monstrous foes
– Battle through hordes of Skeletor’s MASSIVE army
– Call on He-Man’s 20 allies to aid you in battle, with familiar faces like She-Ra, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and more!
– Collect 37 of Eternia’s most powerful and ancient artifacts
– Upgrade your characters and use multiple skills to defeat tough bosses
– Make an epic journey to 12 locations all over Eternia

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play; stay tuned for our review.

Google Play Music Adds Sleep Timer

Google Play Music Adds Sleep Timer

Aug 31, 2016

Google Play Music continues on its quest to avoid being Just Another Music Player with another new feature: a sleep timer.

Now, folks can sedately doze off to the sounds of their favorite recordings while the app takes care of stopping itself.

Per Google Play:


* Sleep timer: You asked, we answered. Set the sleep timer and throw on Acoustic Bedtime Radio ( We’ll turn the music off automatically when the time is up.

The app is free (with subscription options within) on the Play Store.

4:33 Creative Lab Announces Upcoming RPG ‘Monster Super League’

4:33 Creative Lab Announces Upcoming RPG ‘Monster Super League’

Aug 31, 2016

South Korea-based development house 4:33 Creative Lab has a new game on the horizon… this one is an RPG called Monster Super League.

Per the press release:

Monster Super League is a unique take on strategy RPGs, giving players the chance to journey through eight distinct regions filled with over 550 unique and lively Astromon to capture and train – each Astromon fitted different elements and combat styles.

Assemble your army of the cutest of allies with Monster Super League’s on-field capture system, and evolve them into powerful forces to be reckoned with in the Astromon League using the game’s customizable growth system and sea of enemies to challenge.

Impatient? Hey, we understand. 4:33 is letting folks somewhat take the sting off of waiting with an opportunity to pre-register; this can be done at PreLaunch.Me.

Check out the screen and preview trailer below:


The Sandbox Evolution Gets Lasers via Update

The Sandbox Evolution Gets Lasers via Update

Aug 31, 2016

Lasers are the bacon of video games.

They make everything better, and thankfully, developer Pixowl agrees. The Sandbox Evolution is adding lasers… and a whole lot more:


New interactive Lasers Update with 8 new elements!
Tap to rotate the angle of the light beam and start creating exciting new pixel universes and puzzles!
– LASER: A particle that shoots a light beam. Zap!
– LASER SENSOR: Generates electros when touched by a laser
– MIRROR: Redirects and splits the laser beam at a specified angle
– DETECTOR: This particle stops generating electricity when a laser beam touches it

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


Locojoy’s New RPG ‘Farm Fantasy’ Launches on Google Play

Locojoy’s New RPG ‘Farm Fantasy’ Launches on Google Play

Aug 31, 2016

Farm Fantasy is a new farming RPG that is available now on Google Play.

Per Google Play:

Run your own farm business! Like other traditional farm games, you can always grow your favorite plants and feed your cute animals!

Many choices of plants and animals are waiting for you to explore and unlock in Farm Fantasy!

**Use your creativity and DIY your own island! Unlike other farm game, in Farm Fantasy, you can create your unique farm. The exclusive buildings and decorations await you to make your own special island!

Tons of special buildings and skins with all your needs are available for you to create a better place. You can also sell and share your design with other players for great fun! Want to be a great designer?

***Help with your friends!

Play with your Facebook friends as well as in-game friends! Help each other with the special tasks! Get rewards for both of you! Join a family and make your family much better!

Come and join us! Make your on Fantasy on your dream islands!

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Google Street View Gets Some Nice Additions via Update

Google Street View Gets Some Nice Additions via Update

Aug 30, 2016

Google’s “other” navigation utility, Google Street View, is getting some interesting updates geared towards content publishers.

Per Google Play:


• Published fifty 360 photos? You’ll get invited to join Local Guides and be listed as a trusted pro for hire.
• You can now transfer your Maps-approved 360 photos to others.
• Lots of feature improvements and bug fixes.

The app remains free and standard on most devices.