Waiting on Super Mario Run to Arrive on Android? March 2017 is the Date

Waiting on Super Mario Run to Arrive on Android? March 2017 is the Date

Jan 19, 2017

The leading question in Android gaming seems to be when the heck Super Mario Run is landing on Android.

Well, according to a tweet Android Central deciphered, we should get the full Nintendo treatment on the Play Store in March.

Finally… it’s about time the popular game shed its “iOS-exclusive” tag.

Can the game maintain its must-have status on Android? The freemium nature (and relative high-dollar full game unlock cost) did give some folks pause, so we are interested in seeing how it does on Android.

In any case, we admit to being eager to try this one out. Pre-registration is still available HERE.

[Courtesy of Nintendo Twitter via Android Central]

The Wolf Arrives on Google Play

The Wolf Arrives on Google Play

Jan 19, 2017

Hey, everyone fancies baying at the moon at some point, right?

Well, here’s some heartening news.

Swift Apps just launched a new wildlife simulator-type game called The Wolf on Android via Google Play.

This looks to be an interesting one; we get a wold RPG that allows players to manage a customized animal. One gets to pick the type of wolf one wants to be, and skills to be developed.

The game also packs in several two game modes: cooperative multiplayer and PvP in the battle arena.

All in all, it sounds like an interesting simulation that allows for more than just howling at the moon. Good for all of us.

The Wolf is available to play for free (with optional in-app purchases. It is also available on iOS.


SMASH RUNNER Launches on Google Play

SMASH RUNNER  Launches on Google Play

Jan 19, 2017

SMASH RUNNER Online Super Race is a new game from Namicon that has elbowed its way on to the Play Store.

This one is an online multiplayer experience that boasts plenty of weapons, easy controls and 4-player races.

This one is free (with in-app purchases).

Upcoming Game Arrows & Sparrows Set for Release Next Week

Upcoming Game Arrows & Sparrows Set for Release Next Week

Jan 19, 2017

Get ready for a soon-to-be-launched game from Bit Craft Studios: Arrows & Sparrows.

This one is a cute, colorful slingshot shooter, filled with hungry birds intent on dive-hunting cute fish. The fish do have a few defensive tricks up their collective sleeve (like bombs and arrows), and this is what presents the challenge to the player.

Per the press release, here are some features to look forward to:

* Save the fish from hungry birds. Shoot 3 birds with as few arrows as you can!
* Turn the enemy’s attacks against them.
* Create explosive chain reactions — and blast all the birds in one shot!
* Choose from a large offering of power-ups.
* Put your skills to the test and teach those “meanie” birds a lesson!

The due date is January 25th.

The game will be free to download, with in-app purchases also being an option; check out the trailer:

Toodledo Gets an Update

Toodledo Gets an Update

Jan 19, 2017

Toodledo for Android is getting an update that is available now.

The new build introduces the ability to edit goal levels in the app, easier data deletion and tweaks to saved searches.

Per Google Play:


Bug fixes for saved search

+ You can now edit the level of Goals (lifelong, long term, short term) in the Organize section of the app

+ Added the ability to easily delete the data from within the app and resync or signout

Toodledo remains free on the Play Store.

Stream the Wonders of the Universe with No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD

Stream the Wonders of the Universe with No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD

Jan 18, 2017

What’s on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? A pledge to find a more fulfilling job? The usual promise to eat healthier and get into shape? That’s all good stuff, if a little pedestrian. Why not aim to explore the uncharted corners of an alien galaxy, explore endless planets, and name the plants and animals you find in your personal Garden of Eden?

It’s an achievable goal if you pick up No Man’s Sky for NVIDIA SHIELD. Hello Games’ utterly massive space exploration game is available through NVIDIA’s cloud-based game streaming service GeForce NOW for $59.99. It’s just what you need if the hectic holiday season has left you aching for a quiet and serene gaming experience.

No Man’s Sky drops you in a game world teeming with billions of undiscovered planets. While your mission is ultimately to find the center of the digital universe, you should definitely take time to smell the space-roses (just be careful; some species give off poisonous spores).

No Man’s Sky is mainly a game about seeing what you can see: Its procedurally-generated planets range from lush jungle worlds to barren irradiated hellscapes, and there’s an endless supply of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered and named.


As you planet-hop, you’ll also need to harvest resources, survive attacks from hostile creatures, and learn how to communicate with alien traders.

If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD, No Man’s Sky can be purchased for unlimited streaming via GeForce NOW. If you buy the game on GeForce NOW you will also get a free code to download and enjoy the game on PC, too. A GeForce NOW membership is free to try out for one month and just $7.99 a month after that.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partner’s.

Burrito Bison – Luancha Libre Review

Burrito Bison – Luancha Libre Review

Jan 17, 2017

Some games are about skill, some will challenge your mental capabilities and others have a story to tell. There are also some games that are just exercises in repetition that require little thought and minimal technique. These games can be awesome and Burrito Bison – Launcha Libre is evidence of that.

The set-up is as follows – you’re a lucha libre trapped in a candy kingdom. The only way to escape is to launch yourself from the ropes and fly through the air to freedom. How this plays out is really simple. Drag your wrestler back and launch them, much like Angry Birds, and once you’re airborne you have nothing to do but tap the screen to perform a special ability.

With a choice of three wrestlers, you special ability will differ depending on who you’re playing as. One will slam into the ground at great force, one will launch a grappling hook to pull themselves onto an enemy and another can glide upward before falling back down.

So where’s the game? Well, this being an evil candy kingdom there’s gummy bears everywhere and you need to try and land on them to earn cash. There are different types of gummy bears, some that will slow you down and others that will launch you into the air, speed you up or give you a ball of honey that devours all the bears in your wake.

It’s really basic but it’s compelling because there’s a good variety of sugary enemies to bump into, each with their own unique affect on your character, and there’s loads of upgrades to unlock. You’ll need these upgrades if you want to get your wrestler to the end of each area. Getting to the end of each area is a feat but it’s blasting through the walls will let you move onto the next area of the candy kingdom. So all you need to do is make sure you keep your speed up, keep on upgrading and before you know it each run you make will consist of you breaching multiple cookie walls and destroying tons of gummy bears. Simple.

As you may be aware of, Burrito Bison – Launcha Libre is incredibly simple but it’s incredibly slick and well presented that it’s a real joy to play. Each of the enemies are well designed and fun to crash into, the 3 different wrestlers play only slightly differently but these slight differences make big differences to how you play and the audio gives every collision a real sense of power.

In the end, Burrito Bison – Launcha Libre is a very simple game but it’s made so well, has a lot of variety based around its simple premise and is incredibly generous with its advertising and IAPs. I can’t recommend Burrito Bison – Launcha Libre enough. It’s simple but it’s polished and it’s free but it doesn’t demand you watch a ton of adverts. Great stuff.

Google Maps Adds Advanced Uber Functionality and More via Update

Google Maps Adds Advanced Uber Functionality and More via Update

Jan 17, 2017

Maps – Navigation & Transit is arguably the leading navigation utility on mobile; now, it is picking up some new features via an update rolling out now.

The one feature will be a boon to folks that use ride-sharing. Now, folks can book and complete Uber rides from within Maps.

Also, one can now see marked “best-of” establishments as noted by relevant publishers.

Lastly, the new build allows users to add a homescreen shortcut so that one can add contributions with a tap.

Maps remains free on the Play Store.

Linksys Smart Wi-fi Control App Adds Velop Compatibility

Linksys Smart Wi-fi Control App Adds Velop Compatibility

Jan 17, 2017

One of the coolest aspects of Linksys’ more recent products is the use of its companion mobile app to manage them. And now, the app adds support for the its own Velop mesh wi-fi system.

Per the changelog:

Adds support for Velop, a modular system of tri-band connection points that provide seamless, full-strength Wi-Fi for the whole family.

The app remains free.

Cross DJ Pro Receives Massive Price Slash

Cross DJ Pro Receives Massive Price Slash

Jan 17, 2017

Cross DJ Pro is a fun and engaging utility that allows everyone to channel their individual Jazzy Jeff. And now, the popular music mixing application is on sale.

For $0.10. As in 10 cents.

Yes, we definitely loved Cross DJ Pro when we checked it out a while back; we can’t wait to publish our updated review of it’s latest Ableton Link enabled latest build.

[via Slickdeals] [Our Cross DJ Pro Review]

Dawn of Titans Adds new Content via Update

Dawn of Titans Adds new Content via Update

Jan 14, 2017

Hit game Dawn of Titans received an update recently.

Ranger Titans are now available, as well as a new leaderboard event.

Per the changelog:

The Rangers have arrived!

Head to the Adventurers’ Guild to battle through new Campaigns with RANGER TITANS!

For the first time in Dawn of Titans you’ll be able to acquire and command Titans that wield a new arsenal of projectile weapons that introduce another layer of strategy for you to take into battle.

And prepare for the HUNTER’S MOON Leaderboard Event – reach the Bronze League to compete to win new Ranger Titans and exclusive Relic rewards!

Dawn of Titans was definitely a fun review for us; it remains free (with plenty of in-app purchase opportunities) on Google Play.

[via Google Play]

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is Now Ready for Nougat

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app, the voicemail utility for branded phones, is getting an update that, amongst other things, adds Nougat compatibility.

Per Google Play, the new build has improvements to the Unread Voicemail Widget as well as overall app stability fixes.

Our latest Visual Voicemail release adds support for Android Nougat, improves application stability, and continues to add to our Unread Voicemail Widget — just long press on your homescreen and search for “Visual Voicemail” under Widgets.

The app is free and built for T-Mobile subscribers.