A look at the Nyrius ARIES Pro Wireless HDMI System

A look at the Nyrius ARIES Pro Wireless HDMI System

Feb 28, 2017

As we like to say, mobile accessories make the device; a smartphone is just a smartphone, but when paired with the right tool, it extends to something truly magical.

One major turn-off is the presence of unnecessary wire. More specifically, for all the good the HDMI standard has brought, those wires still get on my nerves. And I am also “tied” to something.


We recently got a chance to try out the Aries Pro Wireless HDMI system from Nyrius, which looks to make the wired HDMI experience a bit more of an option versus necessity.

Now that Chromebooks have (or are on the way to obtaining) access to the Play Store, the value of this piece is a mobile accessory jumped a bit.

But what exactly does it to? The two-piece solution allows one to wirelessly tether a source device to an output unit — like a projector or television.

The review package unveils the setup: a receiver portion, an HDMI plug-in transmitter and a few smaller accessories: a right-angle adapter and HDMI cable. For devices that have full HDMI (Type A) inputs, this device is ready to go in plug and play fashion.

Setup is fairly intuitive; the transmitter is plugged into an HDMI slot on the host device, and the receiver connects in the same way with the help of the HDMI cable. Simple as that, really, and you have the potential for screen mirroring.

And it works.

We first tried it with the Acer R11 Chromebook, a unit that has Google Play access, touchscreen and full HDMI out. After a few perfunctory adjustments in the device settings, I had the unit mirrored on a Sony TV quite easily.


Just for kicks, we wanted to see how it would work with a properly equipped Android tablet. Thankfully, we had an RCA tablet, an ultra-affordable unit that has mini-HDMI output. Using a suitable adapter, we plugged in the transmitter (which was also tethered to a USB power). It worked just as well with as the Chromebook, even if the tethering made it a bit awkward.

And the practical uses were fairly far-reaching. Playing games was a biggie, and the right games with a bluetooth controller support made for an interesting solution: with the tablet or Chromebook beside me, I was able to play games on the screen with very little lag, creating a decent console-ish experience.

Similarly, it works well with consumer projectors that have HDMI functionality. In every situation, sound pipes through in step with visuals through the designated audio output device.

There are a few pauses here. One, the necessity for the plugin to be powered, as hinted at above; the setup isn’t the most mobile

Also, when it comes to playing games, it works best with bluetooth controllers, for obvious reasons. With that setup, one could leave the source device all connected up and to the side — but in range of the controller — so that the player can keep eyes on the larger screen.

All in all, it’s a great accessory, just about portable, if a bit of an investment (at $250). In the right hands, it’s invaluable.

Gunjack 2: End of Shift is on Sale

Gunjack 2: End of Shift is on Sale

Feb 28, 2017

For those with Daydream-compatible phones AND headsets, we have good news: VR adventure Gunjack 2: End of Shift is available for 50% off list price.

That means you can get the game for $6.49.

Everyone fights in New Eden. Some fight for power. Others for money. But out here, on the fringes of space, most fight simply to see another day. Far from the comforts of civilization, the vast mining rig, Kubera, is your home. As a turret operator charged with destroying waves of attackers, you stand united with your crew mates in the defense of the rig.

You are not a soldier, but a survivor, the scourge of would-be plunderers. With a formidable arsenal at your disposal, you will live the life of a Gunjack, protecting the Kubera, its precious cargo, and yourselves, from the bandits trying to blow the rig apart!

No word on how long this offer will hold, so get to it!

[via Slickdeals]

YouTube Announces Live TV Service

YouTube Announces Live TV Service

Feb 28, 2017

YouTube TV is here.

This interesting service might get the cable companies rethinking strategy.

The features:

– Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks.

– A cloud DVR, with no storage limits.

– A service that works great on all your screens.

– YouTube Red Originals.

– Six accounts, one price.

– Half the cost of cable with zero commitments.

All available on all one’s screens… even mobile.

YouTube Live is on its way to be released in big cities first, with more to follow.


Island Delta Review

Island Delta Review

Feb 28, 2017

It’s time to get to Island Delta.

The game itself is presented in expansive top-down view, such that the simple touch controls easily guide the characters through simulated roofless buildings. The color is well done, and the animations quite smooth.

The leading narrative is dastardly indeed. Zoe is our main protagonist, and she is working on an exciting mechanical development. Unfortunately for her, mad scientist Gunderson takes a shining to her invention, and steals it with the help of a lobbed grenade. Zoe embarks on a trip with trusted friend Baxter to Gunderson’s lair to retrieve her stuff.

Simple backstory aside, this one gyrates into action immediately; the game gives pointers in the early going to help move things along. You, the player, take charge of Zoe (who is armed with a nifty gravity tool), and then look to make it from Point A to Point B in a series of levels.

Now, as one would expect, making if from the starting point to the the exit of each level isn’t as easy as walking in a dainty, straight line; there are interesting obstacles in the way. These obstacles are fairly interesting and varied, ranging from human to humanoid to whimsically evil (weaponized crab-like robot for the win). At the risk of playing spoiler, I especially liked — despised, really — the rotating gun, because it added an interesting challenge.


Through it all, the player is tasked with solving procedural puzzles, while collecting important data while avoiding and/or destroying sentries. The puzzles usually involve getting doors to open so as to move on, but might entail doubling back to get to something missed or recently unveiled.

The gameplay is simple, and the challenges competitive enough to keep interest piqued; it all comes together quite nicely.

As intuitive as the the touch controls are, this is definitely one game that I hope the developer does see fit to add gamepad support to; it could do fairly well casted to bigger screens.

For a one-time premium price, Island Delta just about feels like a seal. Rare in this day and age.

Stay Fabulous on the Road with WalkingRed

Stay Fabulous on the Road with WalkingRed

Feb 28, 2017

Not everyone has the ability to travel with an army of people dedicated to make them look good. Remember Sandra Bullock as Gracie Lou Freebush disembarking from the plane in Miss Congeniality?

Yes… that’s the life.

Now, there’s a new app that promises to allow you have that type of lifestyle: WalkingRed. The app serves as the mobile portal for WalkingRed.com.

Excerpts from the press release:

Most people don’t have the luxury of bringing their glam squad with them on their travels, much less even having one, but WalkingRed.com is making it easier than ever to feel like a celebrity while traveling! WalkingRed is the premier on demand mobile beauty and fitness service created to provide customers the star treatment at their convenience.

WalkingRed is equipped with a leading team of beauty and fitness professionals providing a variety of services across the industry. Every WalkingRed artist is fully qualified, insured and complies with high service standards. Each are screened and certified in person, are required to pass CRB checks, and must be fully insured.

For now, WalkingRed is only available in the UK, but we hear it will be expanding its reach soon.

The app is free on Google Play.

Terra Tank Review

Terra Tank Review

Feb 28, 2017

We’ve been keeping an eye on Terra Tank, and now that it’s been officially unleashed on Google Play, we got our hands on it.


Terra Tank does a good job of creating a visual pop. It makes use of several different backgrounds, and the animations manage to be relatively smooth. Flashes of color are especially potent, and these deliberate touches allow the gameplay to really come forth.

The action is taken in in top-down perspective, which allows the player to absorb the action in landscape orientation.

In practice, the game is quite easy to enjoy and get into. As noted, you control a terrestrial tank, and the core idea is to take on enemies that are approaching with hostile intentions. Additionally, the secondary goal is to pick up enough goodies to refuel the ship so as to be able to fly away.

To play, one needs to get acquainted with the controls. Two main ones rule the roost: a movement button and a directional shooting button; both are virtual in nature. Now, used in conjunction with each other, it’s possible to move around and shoot at incoming enemies in a complete circle.


As soon as the action starts with the ship touching down, the tank is dispatched and one is simultaneously on the offensive and defensive. Beat back the attackers, and get fuel. As one goes on, there are power-ups to collect and so on, but the main idea is to finish the level by refueling the ship.

The game provides two difficulty levels.

Terra Tank is an enjoyable time waster, and maybe — just maybe — even more. The changing backgrounds blend well with the gameplay, and the simplistic concepts are quite becoming in practice. It doesn’t do too much, and it comes together well.

The one-time pricing is definitely a positive.

Mysterium: The Board Game Review

Mysterium: The Board Game Review

Feb 28, 2017

Digitized board games can be loads of fun, and are the perfect complement for an increasingly mobile existence. Few entities do it better than Asmodee, and the publishers ever-swelling stable of games is good for Android users.

It’s latest project is one we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time; Mysterium is an engaging board game in its own right, and we are eager to see how it translates to handheld.

The gameplay comes in a few flavors; at the onset, the game itself highly suggests for the player to get acquainted with Story Mode.

The game’s underlying story is set in Scotland in the 1920s. After numerous gruesome murders, someone is arrested, but after several more murders are committed, yet another perpetrator is apprehended.

Both claim no memory of the actual crime.

A local psychic is intent upon figuring out what otherworldly forces might be at play, and calls on a few psychic colleagues for assistance.

That is our setting, and the game proceeds thus.


The visuals fit well. Graphically, the game isn’t overly serious, and is willing to use whimsical depictions to give characters life. It uses popups to help move the gameplay along, and there is an ethereal, almost ghostly feel to the game, which is entirely appropriate.

This a card game, and it involves making educated guesses based on communication from a ghost; as such, it incorporates murder mystery elements. One might be forgiven for seeing some parallels with Clue, but this one is very, very far from a clone. One looks to decipher things like location, tool, weapon etc, and to add to the challenge, there are time limits involved.

After some (hopefully) shrewd guessing, one gets to “solve” the case… and move on.

Not bad.

The game also includes solo play and a multiplayer option.

It comes together surprisingly well, and is great for short bursts or extended play periods. It is engaging enough to not need the physical game to create fans, and that’s saying a lot.

You can now share multiple media pieces in a single post on Instagram

You can now share multiple media pieces in a single post on Instagram

Feb 28, 2017

Instagram got an update that allows users to really get into sharing stuff — up to 10 photographs and video clips in a single post.

The new build also allows you to apply one filter to all the media in the post, or to use individual filters.

Per Google Play:

New: You can share up to 10 photos and videos in one post on Instagram.
* When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos.
* Tap and hold to change the order.
* Apply a filter to everything at once or edit one by one.
* In feed, swipe through to see them all.
This feature will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks

The update will roll out over the next few weeks; Instagram is free on Google Play.

Upcoming Game Highway Getaway Gets Release Date

Upcoming Game Highway Getaway Gets Release Date

Feb 27, 2017

We hear Vivid Games has a new one coming out quite soon.

Highway Gateway
combines racing elements with that of an endless runner; if the trailer is any indication, there should be plenty of slick animations and intense driving to be had.

The developer is also letting folks know that they can pre-register for the game right now; pre-registering for the game allows players to pick up unique goodies after launch.

Folks can pre-register HERE.

Yes… and the date, you ask? Highway Gateway drops on Google Play on March 9th.

We cannot wait.

Check out the trailer:

Legends of Callasia Now Available on Phones

Legends of Callasia Now Available on Phones

Feb 27, 2017

We were happy to see Boomzap’s cross-platform game Legends of Callasia arrive on Google Play, albeit for tablets only; now, folks can enjoy the game on smartphones too.

Legends of Callasia, is a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game inspired by Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, and Risk where you lead heroes from your chosen faction across tabletop-style maps and occupy enemy lands. It has an original simultaneous gameplay mechanic where players can plan and resolve their turns all at the same time.

The game is free to download; the full game costs $14.99, and there is an expansion pack for $7.99.

Deliveries Package Tracker Adds Services, Smooths Out Existing Ones

Deliveries Package Tracker Adds Services, Smooths Out Existing Ones

Feb 27, 2017

Deliveries Package Tracker is a fantastic service that allows users to track incoming and outgoing packages routed through a host of international providers.

Now, the service is adding a few more providers. The new build also brings some fixes to the ones already provided.

Per changelog:

New in v5.3:
– native support for Amazon Logistics, DAO365, DHL eCommerce Asia and Royale International (South Africa)
– fixed issues with Colissimo, Cuckoo Express, Delhivery, DHL Parcel.nl, DPD.fr, Israel Post, LibanPost, Pitney Bowes, Post Austria, Post Kazakhstan (Казпочта), and Sailpost
– added fast scroll track to provider chooser
– bug fixes

The app remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows Gets New Content and Limited-Time Event via Update

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows Gets New Content and Limited-Time Event via Update

Feb 26, 2017

G5 is almost always giving us some great stuff, and this week is no exception. Currently, cross-platform mystery thriller Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is receiving an update that brings new content and a limited-time event.

Colorful fireworks have awoken ancient powers. Whose shadow is surfing in the dark sky? The Dragon! The City of Shadows is filled with warnings, and you are the only one who can cope with the situation and help the City’s citizens reveal the truth! Update the game and if you want to unravel the secret, visit the mysterious Chinese Temple! Time is limited, so hurry and figure out how the image of the winged beast is connected to the prophecy about a fire-breathing dragon!

Do your best in the time-limited “Legend of the Dragon” event! Tackle 36 new quests and assemble five exclusive collections to get a Fortune Amulet, special Treasure of Pagoda chest and unique Chinese male and female avatars for your efforts. Along with this marvelous update, you have to complete over 2,280 quests in total throughout the game to reap great rewards. We challenge you to solve the City of Shadows’ many mysteries!

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.