DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

Aug 30, 2017

There are definitely quite a few things more important than material possessions; as Hurricane Harvey ravages parts of the United States — and as we recoil from the destruction and loss — we are equally uplifted by stories of heroism and neighborliness.

We are also seeing corporations step up to the plate, helping in anyway they can. Add data recovery firm DriveSavers to the list.

The company is offering to help recover data from water-damaged hard drives, smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. This offer is available to all who are affected by the tropical storm.

DriveSavers president Scott Moyer talks about helping to retrieve priceless materials. “DriveSavers is known worldwide for recovering data from severely traumatized devices including those that have been dropped, burnt, crushed and fully submerged in water,” he says. “We’re pleased to offer our expertise to those who’ve lost irreplaceable data like photos and videos of loved ones, business files and financial records.”

According to the press release, folks do have to act relatively quickly; according to DriveSavers, this is to account for corrosion and the like. Devices and units must be shipped by September 15th. There is a one device per household limit, but DriveSavers is offering a discount to folks with more/advanced equipment.

The company promises to look to do as many pieces as it can, based on costs and available personnel.

[via DriveSavers Press Release]

TEKKEN is coming to mobile

…officially, that is. Yep — one of the first gaming fighters is making its way to Android (and iOS); we hear it’s already soft launched in some locals.


The game packs in a few different modes. There’s “Story” piece, which allows the player to create a team, and features a new character made for mobile; think of campaigns and the like.

There’s the online “Dojo Challenge” as well. Friends and other players get to go against PvP style.

Then, players get “Live Events” to go with all these.

Nah, we can’t wait to get our hands on TEKKEN. Small consolation… we can all pre-register right HERE!

Checkout the trailer, and let us know what characters you’re looking to use in the comments:

Marble Run Review — a builder’s dream

Marble Run Review — a builder’s dream

Aug 28, 2017

If we’ve said it once, we’ve preached it often… and from every rooftop we could fine: most of the time, simple does it. Yes, we do crave our multi-layered sagas with loads of visuals, but who can turn up a nose to a simple, well-made game?

C’mon. Here we got Marble Run.

It’s all about building. You have pieces, you have space and you have a marble. What type of virtual structure can you create to allow this marble do its thing? Yep, think of those rollercoaster tycoon-ish games, here. Get a marble town going.

It’s easy to get into, even without the incorporated tutorial. You start off in a 3D environment, with selectable pieces that can be used to create said structure, all so that the marble can travel in style.. The pieces run the gamut, too, with gutters, rails, angled pieces, and even pseudo-mechanical ladders and the like. Physical rules apply, so you do have to think of things like gravity, and account for momentum and steepness. Just keep building, adding and adjusting.


As one builds, it is possible to see how it works; you know, to test as you go. Here, it gets fun, seeing what might have made sense theoretically and sometimes observing it fail spectacularly when virtually manifested.

And yes, there are opportunities to spend money.

Now, for all its charm, there are a few things that might pull at the eyebrows somewhat. The adjustable #D view is a brilliant way to see your gorgeous structure develop and expand, but darn, it feels a bit stilted in actual usage. Also, the actual melding mechanism — adding new pieces — acts a bit stubborn, and the menu could do with a bit of souping up.

If being a fun little game allows folks to overlook miniature drawbacks, this game just might be make it through to players hearts scot-free. Just as well, we suppose; time to get a-buildin’.

A mobile look back: Clash Royale Review

A mobile look back: Clash Royale Review

Aug 21, 2017

In an increasingly saturated mobile app market, it is definitely hard to make a name for oneself; having a well-received big brother on the Play Store is definitely a benefit.

Clash Royale, from Supercell — yes, that Supercell — definitely has just that.

The graphics are fun to behold… deliberate, somewhat whimsical characterizations on a colorful background template. The main action is imbibed via a top-down view. The game incorporates animations that help the action along, and they do add visual pop that helps keep one engaged. From fireballs to marching duos, it comes together quite well, and even the side screens feel genially done. there’s detail in the little things — arrows look like arrows, for instance — and even the occasional dragon is easy spot and enjoy.clash3

The sounds are quite appropriate, and all connect with the eye candy component.

If the game feels somewhat familiar — as in, say, Clash of Clans — the similarities are well-intentioned, as both games share creative DNA. This one stands firmly on its own, and the seven-part hands on tutorial helps one understand the flow of the action.

The main idea is to win PVP battles; at the base level, there are three enemy towers, and three home towers. Intuitively, one wants to take out the opponent towers before that person returns the favor.

Like any tower defense game worth its salt, this one has troops (cards) of different abilities, and one has a limited, rechargeable amount of “elixir” which is used to deploy these different pieces. Deployment does two things; they can generally attack enemy installations, and may even be able to take on enemy troops that are attacking one’s home towers. Since each piece has its own attributes, and also because one has to wait for recharging (plus different pieces have different costs), one has to deploy with a semblance of strategy. Each side gets a king’s tower and two sentry towers, and protecting the king is paramount. The cards run the gamut, bringing fantastical fighting personnel to the fore.

It boils down to a timed war of attrition, if time passes without a clearly winner, the game starts a sudden death overtime period.

Cool stuff, really.

There are a lot of other pieces, like chests of goodies, the upgradeability of the cards, the ability to collect other cards and create battle sets, achievements and more. Gems and gold coins make things happen, and can be supplemented by real cash if one wants to expedite processes. Players can level up, and some things (like selecting clans) are based on one’s level.

The game does slow down, creading a faux energy requirement, but it is possible to go rounds and rounds if one is willing to forego some payouts.

Altogether, it’s an engaging caper, if a bit overwhelming; simply put, it has great appeal.

App Sale: Graphic puzzler FRAMED gets price slash

App Sale: Graphic puzzler FRAMED gets price slash

Aug 15, 2017

Every now and then, we come across a game that grabs a hold of us.

FRAMED is one of those. It’s an interesting, comic-like game that we loved, and, coincidentally, is also on sale right now.

To play it is to get engrossed in it. Every “page” comes together like a graphic novel, except that the middle frames are jumbled up; the idea is to shift said middle images around in such a way that a coherent story is formed, and one gets from point A — the first frame — to point B — the culmination for that page.

And on to the next. And so on.

In any case, FRAMED can be had right now for $0.12. Yep, 12 cents… down from its regular price of $2.99

Not bad.

If you’re wondering why we love it, check our review from way back when.

By the way, the game has a sequel too, aptly named FRAMED 2.

[Our FRAMED Review]

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