About Reviews

Ratings on Android Rundown are… [where we find to review, link to request a review, how we choose what to review, OATS]

App Rundown Ratings

Applications and games are rated…. [based on, how, process]

Presentation – Overall feel of the application. From the icon, to the style of the menus, down to the various options and atmosphere created by using this app.

Graphics – The art, animation, and visual performance of the app. Everything from the skinning of the interface for apps to the visual content for games.

Sound – The rating of all aspects of the audio within an app or game.

Gameplay – The meat of the game. This category includes everything from controls to story.

User Interface – Mostly used for apps in place of Gameplay. This category represents the flow and navigation of an app’s interface.

Lasting Appeal – Is this another throw away app or will you find yourself tied to it for the rest of your life?

Overall – A rating of the app as a whole. This is not a combination of the above points.

Hardware Rundown Ratings

Hardware and devices are rated based on…