Android Phone Finder

There are a lot of Android phones out there. Yet many aren’t even labeled by the cell phone companies as Android. So, how do you find the best Android phone for you? Well friends, gather ’round. Android Rundown is here to help you. Every month our editors and writers get together and talk about the best phones available on each of the major US carriers. We then make a list and publish it here.

We’ve set this up to walk you through a couple simple questions. We’ll then show you what the best phone or phones we recommend.

Question 1 – Cell Service Provider:

Let’s start with mobile service provider. This question is important because if you are currently under contract, you may be hit with an early termination fee (ETF) of a few hundred dollars if you switch carriers. If you are still under contract you will most likely need to pay more (sometimes not) to get a new phone. But if you are happy with your current provider, sticking with them is generally the cheapest way to go.

If you are under contract, choose your current provider. If you are not under contract or your contract is about ready to expire, choose the “it doesn’t matter” option. (Or if you just want to see all of our favorite Android phones)

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