Verizon – Droid X

Droid X

Manufacturer: Motorola
Specs: 1 GHz processor, 4.3″ screen 854 x 480 resolution, 8.0 MP / 720p camera with flash, 8 GB on board memory, GPS
Size: 5.47 ounces, 5″ x 2.57″ x 0.4″
Relative Size: Very large
Battery: 8 hours talk time
Released: July 2010
Network: Verizon Wireless

The Rundown: We like this phone for one, because it’s one of the most powerful Android phones to date. It’s got a beautiful screen — at a huge 4.3″. And, it just feels good in you hand, in your pocket, anywhere. A great phone for people who need the power. The camera is also rather amazing at 8 MP and does 720p HD video recording. Won’t be for everyone as it is very large. Consider Droid Incredible if this is too large for you.

What’s it cost?: (Device + Contract costs minus taxes,fees,etc.)

Via Amazon:: $179.99 with two year contract (affiliate link)
Direct from Verizon:: $199.99 with two year contract, $569.88 without contract.