Akasha Review

Akasha Review

Jan 31, 2014

Akasha is a new mobile exclusive MMORG. Does it tip Order and Chaos from its pedestal?

Akasha isn’t the most user friendly game. After a class choice between fighter, archer or mage and a very brief series of tutorial text boxes in a small font the game basically leaves the player to their own devices. Akasha uses a instance based system much like Guild Wars. To fight monsters or party up with other adventurers the player must begin an instance which can be thought of as a mini quest.

Screenshot_2014-01-26-13-36-14After beginning an instance, Akasha plays much like any MMO, if MMOs consisted of tapping a single icon.

Regardless of the class chosen, gameplay in Akasha boils down to battering the fire icon as quickly as possible while moving between enemies. Unlike most MMOs, there are no varied classes such as clerics, tanks or nukers here since every class from fighter to mage attacks at point blank range for much the same damage.

Indeed the only reason to join a party in Akasha is because of the bonus experience that monsters give when killed, as the extremely limited number of skills in the game and the total lack of support or healing spells mean that common MMORPG strategies, such as healing the tank as he takes the damage or protecting the cleric as they keep everyone else alive don’t exist. The classes in the game are all attackers and the gameplay consists of simply attacking constantly until enemies are dead. This is hardly compelling and is completely devoid of the tactics and camaraderie that is typically found in MMORPG parties. There is just no co-operation or fun to be found in Akasha’s gameplay.

Screenshot_2014-01-29-09-03-36Akasha uses a very barebones skill system. The titular Akasha are little more than stats boosts that are attached to characters to augment their statistics and don’t make an actual appearance in the game. The player is limited in the amount of Akasha that can be equipped, adding a tiny bit of depth by forcing players to balance out stats with the right Akasha. Additional slots to equip Akasha can only be gained though in-app purchases.

Matters are not helped by the extremely basic presentation on offer. Akasha uses a 2-D sprite based style that will be familiar to players of famous mobile MMOs, such as Zeonia. Unfortunately, it lacks any sort of eye candy and features generic sprites on nondescript backgrounds. Magic effects are unimpressive and nothing in the game really looks good. Order and Chaos with it’s full 3-D environments is far better.

The player is unlikely to want to play Akasha for long either. The lack of actual MMO style gameplay ensure its button mashing becomes dull fast.

Akasha in short is not really a MMO as such. Sure the “online” and the “massive” parts are there, but it barely qualifies as an RPG. Order and Chaos is a far superior game with real MMO classes and very solid gameplay. Akasha meanwhile is not worth playing.

Akasha Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks and sounds a lot like Dialblo did in the 90s. Poor.
Controls - Cryptic icons and laggyness.
Gameplay - Akasha boils down to button mashing and lots of it. No true MMORPG style gameplay.
Replay Value - An hour or two at best. The gameplay is just not fun compared to better MMOs on Android.
Overall - Those looking for an MMORPG fix on Android can do much better than even considering Akasha.

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  • passer by

    This is such a bias review. It’s true Akasha has many shortcoming and full of bugs but saying that it’s not compelling and not interesting and absolutely untrue. And what’s with ‘battering fire icon as quickly as possible’??? Do you even know how to play game?

  • passer by

    not interesting is** absolutely untrue (spell corrected)

  • Allan Curtis

    What exactly am I biased against? The game lacks true mmorpg gameplay and has no strategy at all.