Alto’s Adventure Review

Alto’s Adventure Review

Feb 17, 2016

We’ve been keeping an eye out for Alto’s Adventure.

It’s here. About time.

The game unfurls simply, the basic idea is to corral a bunch of happily escaped llamas. Our environment is very snowy and mountainous, and the llamas are quite adept at running downhill.

This particular llama herder that is our protagonist is quite prepared for lamoid excursions, and has a trusty snowboard at hand. Using said tool, he quickly takes on the speedy (and dangerous) job of overtaking and retrieving the animals, while avoiding obstacles that could otherwise end the recovery run.

The game is especially easy to control; our heroic snowboarder goes downhill automatically, and the main idea, as noted, is to catch up to the llamas and (more importantly) travel as far as possible. The occasional obstacle does appear, and one has to tap to jump over it to continue down the snow hill.

There are a bunch of secondary elements. There are ramps and caverns, and timing one’s jump is especially important. There are also collectibles that line the ski way, including power-ups and gold coins. Beyond that, the game incorporates run-based tasks and leveling, adding to the challenge of the game.


One aspect that is pertinent is how the developer melds the elements. Take the coins and obstacles for instance… they are entwined several times, such that one might risk the one for the other. Also, the game encourages one to do tricks while airborne. The payoff is important speed, but not performing the jump correctly has consequences. The continued push-pull of opportunity costs really makes the game interesting.

The game is a fun diversion; it works well becomes it manages to pack in action into a an otherwise serene experience, and holds it all together with catchy graphics and sound. The downhill system makes sense, and brings a degree of delightful uncertainty to the gameplay. Toss in the excellent artwork, and we get a game that is worth getting addicted to.

Alto’s Adventure Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very well done visually.
Controls - Simple and easy to understand.
Gameplay - Endless runner served up in a snowboarding skin
Replay Value - Highly engaging.
Overall - More than just a fun diversion.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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