AndroXplorer Pro 4 Review

AndroXplorer Pro 4 Review

Feb 16, 2012

AndroXplorer is back with a new version. The 4th version of the file manager is now available on the Android Market. Like many Android file managers, it offers access ot the user’s files on the device, along with access to external SD cards. It can browse through applications on the device, enabling them to be backed up. It can also extract a variety of compressed files, making it a useful tool for those who frequently work with archives.

The latest version has two key benefits. First, there’s root access, for rooted users. When it comes to tinkering, having access to root files from an app the user likes is always an advantage – and having an app the user is familiar with reduces the possibility of making crucial errors! Second, the app supports tablets, which lack a very good file manager so far. The app’s three-window interface with left tabs makes it extremely useful for moving and navigating between multiple directories.

The app can hypothetically detect network servers sharing files via SMB but the automatic search either does not work, as it keeps crashing on my Motorola Xoom running Ice Cream Sandwich, and manually adding servers does not detect any folders. In fact, even the automatic search does not tend to detecct any folders, which is strange. This is a shame because it would serve as a great way to ditch the USB cable when trying to transfer files to and from a computer. There doesn’t appear to be any way to back up an app’s data; apparently we’re all just beholden to Titanium Backup for that. The documentation is very confusing, and makes it hard to see just what can be done with the app.

While the app’s upgrades and interface changes will be good for previous users of AndroXplorer, there’s not much here in this latest version to convince users to ditch their preferred file manager for this, although tablet users don’t really have much choice otherwise.

AndroXplorer Pro 4 Review Rundown

User Interface - There are a lot of confusing elements, though the tablet interface is much improved.
Usefulness - It helps to have a file manager for Android, though some of the features that would make this one unique are not perfectly working at the moment.
Performance - The app crashes when trying to search for servers, but otherwise runs smoothly.
Value - This one is best for those who need to unarchive a variety of files, or access network servers.
Overall - There are plenty of file managers, and this is another choice.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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