Angry Birds Action! Review

Angry Birds Action! Review

May 29, 2016

If one mobile gaming developer can claim to have changed the landscape, it’s probably Rovio. Angry Birds helped usher in a new type of game, and a new monetization system to boot.

And it isn’t over yet. Say hello to Angry Birds Action!

As to be expected, the name (aim?) of the game is (still) recovering eggs, taking on baddies and doing other things which incensed avian creatures do when trapped in a recurrent pinball nightmare.aba3

Artistically, franchise savants should feel comfortable, what with the glossy, in-your-face graphics that catch the eye and define the very first Angry Birds way back when. There is a definite tropical feel to the game, and the use of color that manages to feel natural and whimsical at the same time. The sound is a good fit, with plenty of poppy effects. The game seems set to live or die by its animations, and it mostly lives.

The projectiles are quite familiar, as they are from the usual stable of creatures.

The gameplay boils down to pinball action, nothing is more suited as a control mechanism than the iconic pull and release motion that defines the original game. The game is consumed in portrait; in the playing area, there are eggs that are freed by contact, plus other obstacles and “bumpers” to keep things interesting. As noted, one drags the bird, sets the direction using a virtual arrow system, and then releases the bird to do mayhem.

The bird typically bounces around, doing its thing until it loses momentum; if all the eggs weren’t released, one gets to go again, up to the amount of times allowed. Yes, the idea is to release all the eggs with the fewest tries.

Finishing successfully opens the next level, and the 3-star system is in full effect. The game gets more challenging as one goes on. One interesting aspect are “birdcodes,” which allow one to access extra content via AB paraphernalia and even the upcoming movie.

All in all, it’s different, but familiar. It does have an energy requirement, but manages to be interesting, especially in spurs.

Angry Birds Action! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Retains the inherent franchise beauty, and bird-y sounds.
Controls - Familiar gesture dragging; fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - Virual pinball action.
Replay Value - Perfect for furtive batches of play.
Overall - Charming and familiar, if a bit monotonous in form.

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