Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Nov 12, 2012

Rovio is at it again, and this time the birds are bringing the Force with them. Its most current reboot of its franchise hit, Angry Birds Star Wars shows us what George Lucas would have imagined Luke Skywalker and co. if he had used our bird heroes as rebels, catapults for space travel and piggies as loathed star troopers.

It’s all about the Jedis.

The basics of Angry Birds Star Wars remain simple: the object is to use propelled bird protagonists to destroy the pigs and whatever unholy lairs they were holed up in. In this variation, the Star Wars story is brought to life by Rovio characters; it was well worth failing a level to get Darth Vader Pig to poke fun at me. The birds get SW-esque powers to replace the ones that might have been familiar in earlier iterations of Angry Birds: look for the Force manipulations and the swiping lightsabers. My favorite? Solo blasting pigs in mid-air.

Fans of the pigs (I hear there truly are sick people out there) will rue the fact that their reputations are further ruined; there is no coming back from dressing as storm troopers and other evil folks in the Star Wars universe. Leia, Solo and a black-robed Kenobi take on roles for the birds; this will be a true treat for Star Wars fans, especially when paired with the developer’s whimsical (but fairly accurate) take on the iconic musical score. Seeing a blond Bird Skywalker was ludicrously appropriate.

In app purchasing is (or rather, can be) a major part of the game; I could purchase more levels at different locations. The Millennium Falcon makes its small screen debut as a solver of sorts (and was a fun diversion), and its strafing runs could be painstakingly earned, or bought in bunches. After 10 stars, I was rewarded with a new unlocked areas or other rewards. These bonuses recurred at star intervals.

Angry Birds Star Wars had plenty of the familiar, but just enough re-imagination to keep me engaged. I literally had to see what was next. I had to find Chewie and C-3PO. This yearning is what makes this game THE game of the season. As long as we don’t see Angry Birds Titanic or Angry Birds Twilight, I’m down.

Oh, who am I kidding. Rovio: bring it on!

Angry Birds Star Wars Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics were top notch (as usual); sounds were uniquely Star Wars and whimsically Angry Birds.
Gameplay - Unique and familiar at the same time.
Controls - Simple and engaging.
Replay Value - Rovio, as usual promises to update to keep players engaged.
Overall - Great fun from the love child of two popular franchises.

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