Apocalypse Runner Review

Apocalypse Runner Review

Apr 14, 2015

Running away from danger is a fundamental human right, and in many ways, Apocalypse Runner, a 2D atmospheric runner, promotes this right. For the good of all.

Looks-wise, it’s a simple affair, with subtle darkness as the general motif. Even in the simple graphics, the developer is able to convey lightheartedness, and it works.

The gameplay is simple here; our protagonist runner is lollygagging along his way, when a sudden gaggle of evidently spooked birds gives him the only warning of an imminent danger. Hot on the heels of the birds is what can charitably be described as an uncontrolled tsunami. Running right-ward is the the only way to survive, and the ultimate goal is to avoid being swept away by the tidal wave.

The running area has gaps created by “natural” growths, creating holes that need to be jumped across to continue moving; this is probably the main element. The developer does a good job of tweaking it within that paradigm; as a run continues, the running area becomes a bit more treacherous, forcing the player to have to jump up to reach a cliff, or down. Such variations can wreak havoc on timing. Then, there are the secondary obstacles, like the well-known rotating blades and even rocks. Running into one of these pretty much ends the run. There are goodies to collect too, though focusing too hard on the gems can be foolhardy. Enough gems can open up powerups.


Jumping is effected by tapping anywhere on the screen; double tapping creates a double jump. These have to be harnessed well, because an errant jump can have unpredictable (and non-optimal) results. As distance is accumulated, the obstacles start to come quick and often, and then the game starts to get a twitch-reaction feel. The quick pace is a great touch.

There isn’t a ton of variation, but it should be commended for taking an easy road and looking to do it well. It’s an enjoyable romp with a clear premium implementation that, well, works.

Apocalypse Runner Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple, emotive looks with creative sound clips.
Controls - Tap to jump: intuitive.
Gameplay - Simple runner mechanics... keep moving to survive.
Replay Value - Fun-filled and highly engaging.
Overall - Simple, but quite fun.

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