Art Mogul Review

Art Mogul Review

Apr 30, 2013

When it comes to hidden object games on Android OS, G5 Entertainment pretty much holds the patent. It’s offerings in that category of games truly run the gamut. Now, I would guess it’s more a question of retaining quality and keeping new titles interesting. Art Mogul is definitely a chance to see if G5 is able to do these things.

It is an adventure into high-stake world of art ownership; the ego, the taste and even deception. With cash to spend and an eye for fakes that would make Thomas Crowne sniff with jealousy, I was tasked with making a fortune, and crashing spectacularly otherwise.art1

So, it was G5 making an art game. It wasn’t too much to ask for some intricacy, and, as expected, the venerable development are delivered. I like art, and this game is an art lover’s dream, with the excellent visuals providing a most appropriate backdrop.

The gameplay was straight-to-the-point, with a quick tutorial leading me through the basics. Most tasks were based upon finding hidden objects in paintings. For example, to get started, I had to show art expertise by finding objects in the paintings to get discounts. Selling required similar. To find true gems, I had to be able to discover fakes. A keen eye and attention to detail were my greatest assets.

I absolutely loved the check mechanism for finding fakes. It used a copy layover that I could switch to continually. Every variance I found decreased the value if the portrait and increased my reputation, and I could buy or move on. Thus, I was able to increase my net value via the ability to find objects. I could travel around, finding high priced items requested by auction houses, and unlock more cities.

While I found myself entranced in the game, I can see where monotony can set in; I found myself wishing there was a bit more flesh to the story. Even an animated cutscene or two would have been welcome. Still, if anything, G5 did a good job keeping the game familiar and creative at the same time.

Art Mogul Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice artwork in an artwork-based game.
Controls - Mostly taps; very easy to control.
Gameplay - Some fine framing of the basic gameplay with an atypical storyline.
Replay Value - Fairly addicitve; for some, it may be hard to retain attention.
Overall - Another interesting game/story from G5.

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