AstroWings Gold Flower Review

AstroWings Gold Flower Review

Sep 9, 2013

I often pity the countless goons that we destroy in shoot-em-ups. I mean, people get all spiky when some protagonist in a first-person shooter starts showing unacceptable behavior and getting trigger-happy all too often. But no Tony Vercetti in the heat of an all-you-can-hit pedestrial monster-truck rampage can compare to the protagonists of space shoot-em-ups. They kill billions! The tiny-looking death machines are razing interstellar populations to dust without even as much as a word of justification – simply because this has to be done for the higher order. So, if anyone’s in the mood for some cosmic genocide, here’s a new toy – AstroWings Gold Flower. You murderous bastards.

AstroWings GF 3AstroWings Gold Flower is halfway between being a standard shoot-em-up and a bullet hell. Each level consists of several bigger ships, supported by endless supply of small drones, which lead to the main boss. They fire an incredible amount of projectiles, which get somewhat difficult to dodge. But not quite as impossible as it usually is, in the bullet hell games. The ship also has a health system, so one hit isn’t the end of a level. On the other hand, the levels are significantly longer – and beating the boss is a lot more difficult than passing the rest of the level. The game has all the standard upgrades and coins that should be collected. There are powerful rockets, and shields, and additional lives that can be purchased – although the prices are quite powerful as well. The tough situation with resources is quite an issue in the game, but otherwise the difficulty is bearable. AstroWings Gold Flower also have a slightly unusual superpower – the standard weapon fires in bursts, and activating the power simply makes it fire full-auto for several seconds.

AstroWings Gold Flower has fine graphics quality, and quite a repetitive soundtrack. Although it’s not much different from other shoot-em-ups, there are lots of levels to beat, and that requires lots of skills. There are also many things to unlock, and although AstroWings Gold Flower gets a little stale after a while, just like it always does in the shmups, it’s still interesting enough.

AstroWings Gold Flower Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fine models, repetitive soundtrack.
Controls - No optimization, but otherwise fine.
Gameplay - Interesting middle ground between a shmup and a bullet hell.
Replay Value - Lots of levels with lots of things to unlock.
Overall - It's a fine shoot-em-up, but it's not perfect, and not very unique either.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available at Google Play Store »

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