Attack of the Spooklings Review

Attack of the Spooklings Review

Jul 19, 2013

Mobile games that offer their players to smash the opponents using nothing but their very fingers were at the very start of the touch-screen revolution, but lately it seems that somewhat counter-intuitive habit of putting buttons on touch-screen has largely rendered the “clean” touch-screen games mostly obsolete. Someone should analyze this trend to some revealing, but ultimately unnecessary results. Regardless, we’re here to talk about Attack of the Spooklings.

It’s a fine, but incredibly simple game. How simple? It takes longer to read this sentence than to see the whole game. It’s not surprising, considering that it consists of an astonishing single screen, and single enemy. While I’m all for the games with minimalistic design, they should also be complemented with really incredible gameplay. Attack of the Spooklings is quite exciting for some time, sure, but it simply lacks any sort of complexity to be interesting.

Attack_Of_The_Spooklings_3The gameplay in Attack of the Spooklings is as follows: squads of strange imp-like demons run in a strange pattern to the bottom of the screen, where the village that needs protection is located. As soon as at least one of them gets to the walls, the game ends, score gets recorded, and the game starts all over again. The job is to kill every single one of them before they do that.

Destroying the little creeps is really easy, as sliding a finger over is enough to smash any one of them to pieces. While there’s no limit to the speed and amounts of slashing, if a single formation of Spooklings is taken out in one swipe, then a bonus is granted. Some of them run faster than the others, and of course, the game gets progressively more difficult as the more and more waves of them are killed, but there’s absolutely nothing else to the game, apart from that. No upgrades, no new levels or bosses or interesting mechanics – absolutely nothing. It’s like Tetris, but with less strategy and more spastic swiping around.

Frankly, Attack of the Spooklings looks more like a demo than a game. Naturally, its simplistic gameplay may seem interesting to someone, but buying a paid version is a bit of a stretch. Still, it does have a polished look and feel, and lacks any particular flaws, so if simplicity isn’t a major problem, the game is otherwise alright.

Attack of the Spooklings Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice 8-Bit style graphics and sound. Doesn't look cheap.
Controls - Just swipe to kill. Nothing more, nothing less.
Gameplay - Too repetitive, although without any bugs.
Replay Value - There's no reason to play further than twenty seconds, to see all of the content.
Overall - While it has great overall quality, there's not that much game in here.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available at Google Play Store »

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