Audionaut Review

Audionaut Review

Nov 6, 2013

Audiosurf is a little indie game that’s quite loved among game critics. It is a PC title that puts users into a space ship which must hit all of the beats dictated by whatever song is playing. The neat thing about Audiosurf is that a user’s own mp3 collection can be used, rather than having to play from pre-selected songs. Audiosurf also boasts a way better menu system for selecting those songs than a game like Beat Hazard Ultra.


Alas, Audiosurf is not available on Android. However, a comparable substitute, which shares many of the same game mechanics and themes, is available on the Google-powered mobile OS, going by the name of Audionaut. This game, which just released in early October exclusively onto the Google Play store, has players take the role of an audionaut, which appears to be a little figure flying through space on a mission to collect magical musical notes corresponding to the beat of a song of the player’s choice, just so long as it is on their device.

This small indie title differs from Audiosurf in a couple of different ways. In Audionaut there are moments when your little flying guy or girl (the game doesn’t really indicate either way) must hit jumps in order to catch musical notes in the sky. Players move the little astronaut on 5 different paths, collecting notes, but avoiding barriers, which they can fly outside of these paths temporarily in order to avoid obstacles. Also setting Audionaut apart from its other counterparts is the fact that Audionaut gives you power ups to boost your score, based on how many consecutive notes you’ve collected. It resembles using star power in Guitar Hero or Rock Band games.


Visually speaking, Audionaut isn’t all that impressive. The little flying character doesn’t look like much and the atmosphere you fly through doesn’t change at all from song to song in terms of its looks or colors used. That can make this game come off as a bit repetitive at times, though the game does change the layout of the levels based on the song one chooses.

There isn’t a lot of good games in the Google Play store that incorporate one’s music on their device, nor a lot of spectacular rhythm titles. However, this tiny indie title known as Audionaut allows one to incorporate their music library on their phone or tablet, giving players a Audiosurf or Guitar Hero like experience. While it doesn’t appear that this game allows players to use cloud music services like Amazon Cloud Player or Google Music, one can select from any mp3s they may have stored on their device and are greeted with awesome challenging levels in which they must guide an audionaut to safety while collecting musical notes. It’s a fairly simple concept without any frills to it, but Audionaut offers players a lot of fun with a low price, as well as a small learning curve but a giant package of fun.

Audionaut Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics aren't all that great, but the sound is based on your music, making that a plus.
Controls - Pretty simple control of touching left or right to move your character.
Gameplay - Very identical to games like Audiosurf.
Replay Value - People could play this game all day, especially with headphones
Overall - It doesn't look all that pretty, but Audionaut is a fun game to play. Doesn't hurt that it's your music you are playing to either.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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