Autodesk Homestyler Review

Autodesk Homestyler Review

Aug 9, 2013

Some people used to look at me funny when I’d tell them the best bit about playing The Sims wasn’t drowning people by removing a simple ladder, but that it was the building and design phase that I spent most time on.

There’s something about creating your perfect home. Something that The Sims made look so simple and didn’t involve a single piece of Ikea flat-packed furniture. Something so easy about it all.

It’s that same feeling that Autodesk Homestyler also evokes. It’s a fairly simple design tool that allows you to place furniture within a preset blank canvas of a room or you can import pictures of your own home.

You load up your 3D furniture and place it where you’d like. You can rotate and resize easily enough, though sometimes your dual-finger gestures can be misinterpreted, making precise placement of objects a little tough.1375886186841

Another issue is the furniture itself. It’s all fully licensed and well detailed models of real-world furniture that you can tap on to find out more and buy. A great feature, as placing furniture that doesn’t exist could seem a little pointless. It’s also a good thing that the final images the app produces are of a high quality thanks to the previously mentioned detailed models being used.

This is all well and great, but it seems that Autodesk think we earn 6 figure salaries. You won’t find any cheap furniture within this app and, more annoyingly, you can’t easily see what furniture is available.

The furniture’s split into different ‘room’ categories and from there it’s split into ‘types’, but it doesn’t go far enough. Are you looking for a red sofa? You’ll have to scroll through all of the sofas, which is where the app’s impressive collection of furniture becomes a double-edged sword.

Once you’ve finished designing the room of your dreams you can upload and share your final images. If you log in to Autodesk’s service, you can gain followers of your designs and look at what everyone else is creating with the app. As is the way with social networks, you can comment on and ‘favourite’ pieces done by others. It seems to be a real supportive community that’s growing with and has people swapping tips and advice all over the place.

For those that have a real interest in interior design, there’s not a lot that can be said against this app aside from the need for more advanced search and filter options. Autodesk Homestyler is a great design app that will take a little getting used to, but works really well once your comfortable with it.

Autodesk Homestyler Review Rundown

User Interface - Tricky to begin with, but you'll soon be placing furniture like a pro.
Usefulness - The ability to link striaght to super expensive furniture may not be useful for some, but the app will help give people an idea of what works well together.
Performance - Running on the Nexus 7, 3D models looked good and no problems reported. Final images produced looked good.
Value - For a free app, this is about as featureful as it gets. A potentially great community awaits also.
Overall - For anyone that wants to play around with pictures their own home or daydream about their ideal pad, this is about the most useful app you'll find and for free too.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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