Bad Traffic Review

Bad Traffic Review

Aug 30, 2013

Bad Traffic assigns its players a role of an omnipotent god of crossroads, who tries to resolve tight situations on the road, trying to avoid any traffic accidents. Or smashes cars against each other and bathes in the ensuing carnage. Traffic god is a conflicted being, indeed. In reality, it means that there are two starkly different gameplay styles, divided into two level packs, pretty much not connected to each other in any way.

The first mode requires the player to “save” cars that are appearing on different sides of the road, trying to cross the intersections of hell. The cars can be stopped for five seconds by tapping on them, or boosted out of the screen by swiping on them. There are two kinds of missions: getting a number of cars safely across the screen, and holding out for some time. If even a single crash occurs, the level is lost – although the gold, collected from it, is still saved and can be safely spent on different power-ups and upgrades, available at the store.

Bad Traffic 2The second mode is a bit more trigger-crazy, as it requires the player to do the opposite. The cars have to be crashed against each other, with the worst consequences possible. The goal is to reach a certain number of explosions by smashing the hapless cars together in a limited time. Exploding cyclists are present. Each mode has a couple of unique cars and various mechanics that can help or hinder the progress. The great thing about Bad Traffic is the presence of infinite survival modes that can prolong interest for quite a long time – that’s considering all the basic level packs are completed, and it’s not that simple to achieve.

It would be tempting to guess that the destruction-based levels are the most simple ones, as smashing cars against each other don’t require as much focus and attention, but it would be a wrong guess. It’s actually a lot easier to help the cars get to their destination safely, than reaching required explosion caps in the destruction levels. In any case, both of them are quite good, and fun in their own ways. I really think that Bad Traffic can actually be perceived as two different, interesting games, for the price of one. To be fair, I didn’t even have any issues with it, so yeah. Bad Traffic is a great game.

Bad Traffic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics are a bit too simple, but work fine.
Controls - Some time is required to get comfortable with them.
Gameplay - Challenging, exciting, and unique.
Replay Value - Two different game modes and survivals make sure you'll want to return to this game.
Overall - It's a solid, fun game with unusual concept and great realization.

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