Balls Race Review

Balls Race Review

Feb 27, 2018

Here we go with Balls Race.

I suspect you might be forgiven for not describing it as a running game, especially since, because of the incorporated racing component, that fact slips right past you. Basically, you get to control a rolling ball, and the ultimate idea is to get said ball to the end — in first position.

First? Yes, there are other rolling spheres to battle against, and you went to get to the finish line before them.br3

Now, there are other obstacles, and in many ways, it feels a bit like Mario-type racing games. There are arrangements of blocks, and you can avoid these with your perpetually forward-moving ball by swiping on the screen from side-to-side. The blocks get a bit trickier and more dangerous, creating jutting solid structures, and even moving singly and together, all in an effort to create run-ending collisions. The occasional oil slick can also throw of timing.

This is a race, and in keeping up with the arcade-y feel, you’ll encounter ramps and speed tramps. Now, you have to contend with jumps and speed boosts, along with the aforementioned obstacles, plus windy roads and the like. Thankfully, you don’t really have to contend with the competing spheres; contact with them really doesn’t cause anything.

…which is my big whiny gripe. I think additional contact physics would have been a nice touch. I can see where doing so would create a whole lot of havoc — there are dozens of spheres — but I think it would have been cool.

Subsequent levels are opened as you race along.

Ketchapp really does have an enviable blueprint, and Balls Race highlights it: fun from a visual standpoint, easy to get into and invariably addictive. It begs you to take it on, and then dares you to win individual races.

Balls Race Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Fun and effective looks.
Controls - Simple, intuitive swipe controls.
Gameplay - Arcade-style racing plus obstacle avoidance.
Replay Value - Greatly addictive.
Overall - A nice entry for Ketchapp, with probably some more room to grow.

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