Band Stars Review

Band Stars Review

Jun 19, 2014

In Band Stars, players need to make one of the most successful bands ever existed. The core mechanics of the game are easy to pick up and understand; does that mean the game is a bit to shallow? Or has it more to offer?


Android gamers surely are familiar with games from Kairosoft – I know I do. One of my favorite and most played Android games of all time is Game Dev Story. The core of that game is simple, accessible and really, really addictive. It is a time management game like no other, providing the player with enough stats and feedback – not to much, but certainly not to little – for them to keep on playing. Band Stars reminded me of the joyful experience, because this game – although it is in the same genre and tries to build on the same foundation – does nothing like that. Surely, it does in some way. It simple, addictive nature, combined with the theme of becoming the most successful band ever, is strong, but the experience is just to shallow to claim it’s good.

The game follows the players band from scratch to their first successes. In the beginning, it is fun – don’t let their be any doubt about that. Players create a song by choosing a music style and a subject and they will have to uncover the best combo’s for the biggest success. That success also depends on the stats of each of the band members and if the players chooses to use some Drinks to boost the score of the song. Drink is also something players can buy; thankfully, it is not necessary to get everything out of the game. When a song is created, it goes on into the charts and players start to make money. With that money, they can invest in their own band by training the members or buy them some new equipment. There are also some challenges that should offer some explanation how to complete certain objectives within the game, but they aren’t fun at all. Some are even unclear to the player of the goal in mind.

But the most frustrating part of the game, is that there isn’t a real climax. Sure, players can compete on various leaderboards and finish all the challenges, but there isn’t even an option to make a CD. Why isn’t there an option to make a CD? I recorded so many numbers, I could make two. It is a shame, because at its core, Band Stars isn’t a bad game. It’s accessible, easy to play and has a good overall presentation. But it doesn’t have an overall goal to complete or to maintain the focus of the player, because it doesn’t offer much depth to the player. Therefore, Band Stars is one heck of a shallow time management game.

Band Stars Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Band Stars has a more than decent presentation.
Controls - Easy to use and understand.
Gameplay - Sweet and addictive...
Replay Value - ... but without any real climax or goal.
Overall - Starts out as a cool game, but looses interest over time.

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