Batman & The Flash: The Hero Run Review

Batman & The Flash: The Hero Run Review

May 30, 2014

Everything I’ll write here is pretty obvious from this game’s title. It’s Batman & The Flash: The Hero Run. There are two famous heroes from DC Comics, one of whom is more famous than the other, who participate in an infinite runner, chasing down different villains, one of whom is more pants-on-head retarded than the other. Batman is running down Gotham City, chasing down Joker, the dangerous psychotic murderer, while Flash is running in a gorilla city, after some giant gorilla, who is… trying to rule the world? I don’t know, I stopped caring after the part about the gorilla city.

The running part in Batman & The Flash: The Hero Run is actually pretty well done. It’s a 3D runner, not unlike Temple Run, but it’s combat-oriented. There are three lanes, and the hero can switch between them, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, but they can also shoot their weapons at the oncoming enemies, which are divided into three groups. Batman & The Flash Hero Run 2The weak ones don’t deal any damage to them whatsoever, and you don’t have to waste your ammo to defeat them, but you won’t get as much experience. The strong ones can incapacitate the hero, and require two shots to be kicked down. At last, there are bosses that can only be met once in a while, and require a special strategy to handle them. The ammo is expendable and requires purchasing from the shop with the coins that are scattered around the levels. The coins can also be spent on upgrading the power-ups, and unlocking special power cards, as well as hero cards. Power cards are just the power-ups that are expended after use. Also, I still don’t understand the reason to level the hero cards, but it sure gives the gameplay some additional depth.

There are actually more heroes than just Batman and The Flash, but it takes lots of time to unlock them. There are different levels as well. The Gotham City is the easiest one, Banana City or whatever, is more difficult, and afterward, more challenging locations are unlocked. The levels are quite varied, and almost don’t have repeated segments.

In general, I’d say that Batman & The Flash: The Hero Run is a great game. It’s not that unique, but for a free-to-play runner, based on popular comics characters, it’s well done and is quite pleasing. Graphics are good, variety is good, the mechanics are good and Batman is awesome. Definitely not a bad way to spend several hours.

Batman & The Flash: The Hero Run Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nothing too impressive, but not bad at all.
Controls - Nothing special.
Gameplay - A pretty solid runner.
Replay Value - Different heroes, levels and mechanics to keep it going.
Overall - It's just a runner, but it's a fine one.

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