Battle Bears Ultimate Review

Battle Bears Ultimate Review

Jul 28, 2014

Battle Bears Ultimate is a first person team based deathmatch shooter with all the jumping and shooting veterans of Quake or Counter Strike would expect. Is it worth bear-ing with?

Screenshot_2014-07-25-00-56-03Battle Bears Ultimate is pretty light on play modes. Besides basic ranked team DM and unranked DM, the only other mode is Capture the Flag. The mian mode in Battle Bears Ultimate is Deathmatch, which features players running around trying to kill their opponents. Weapons are acquired between games from chests and are randomly awarded. Some players may have much worse or better weapons than other players.

Weapons are fairly limited as well. There are a few kinds of assault rifles, a few heavier weapons such as chainguns and a few explosive weapons like rocket launchers. While fun to use, there are no really interesting weapons.

Battle Bears Ultimate doesn’t play a particularly good game of Deathmatch, compared to the plethora of amazing online mobile FPS games like Modern Combat and Dead Trigger. It suffers from bouts of severe lag, poor weapon balancing and some poor maps that encourage camping more than a little. One map in particular has players begin in a small room and run down a ramp to enter the fray. It is very susceptible to one team simply being spawn camped the whole game.

Screenshot_2014-07-25-02-48-51Battle Bears Ultimate really embraces pay to win in a big way. The game uses a poorly though out system where the player is awarded chests during gameplay which contain a random prize, such as a new gun or a boost. Chests need keys to get the item. Keys are doled out one at a time when the player levels up. The only other way of acquiring keys is using real money, denying non-paying players the items.

The random nature of what’s in a chest is a pain as well. A chest might contain anything from an awesome weapon to a useless piece of clothing or other cosmetic object. This is especially bad for new players, who might unlock chests with useless items instead of desperately needed weapons. The default equipment new players get is no match at all for even the weakest weapons found in chests.

Battle Bears Ultimate looks pretty nice. It is amusing to see teddy bears running around blowing each other away and some of the maps have some interesting features in them. The map with a destroyed mountainous village with a flying sailing ship circling it and a futuristic city map stand out. The sound however is quite poor. Weapons sound weak and taunts and speech are very repetitive. The music salvages the sound a little bit as it’s very catchy.

Battle Bears Ultimate is a nearly unplayable FPS, mainly due to the haphazard way weapons are handed out and lag. It is certainly not worth playing when there are awesome multiplayer games like Modern Combat 4 around which provide hours of exciting gameplay with good weapons, exciting class based gameplay and no lopsided matchmaking. Battle Bears Ultimate might be fun for a few minutes, but its freemium features are its death knell.

Battle Bears Ultimate Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Enjoyable graphics but tame weapon sounds and annoying speech.
Controls - Takes some getting used to, but a solid control scheme.
Gameplay - Dominated by pay to win, Battle Bears Ultimate is buggy and laggy to boot. Lack of play modes hurts the game as well.
Replay Value - The terminal lack of play modes and lack of weapons makes Battle Bears Ultimate a very short lived experience indeed.
Overall - Totally eclipsed by far superior shooters and crushed under the weight of freemium, Battle Bears Ultimate is nearly unplayable.

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