Battle Command Review

Battle Command Review

Nov 25, 2013

Battle Command, now on Google Play thanks to the fine folks at Spacetime Games, is a little piece of nostalgia bundled with some great graphics. This title feels like an old throwback to the days of the first StarCraft game, back before the days of legitimate internet multiplayer. It’s a title that involves a little fortress building, a tiny bit of tower defense, resource management and of course, wanton destruction.


There’s lots of opportunities to fight things, deploy combat and be a rough and rugged commander in Battle Command. For starters, there is the single player campaign, which pits the player against a series of challenges against an evil despot. There’s also a PvP and “War Games” (test out the defenses of your own base by attacking it) options, should single player bore one. However, the PvP itself doesn’t warrant a “true” multiplayer experience, instead finding yourself attacking someone’s base with whatever defenses they’ve set up, but not their actual input or soldiers to change the tide of battle.

Still, Battle Command is a highly entertaining mobile take on such games as StarCraft, where strategy and resource management come into play. This title however, is also free to play, meaning there is in-game currency that can either slowly be earned through grinding or purchased for a reasonable rate. These purple crystals, or whatever it is they are, allow players to speed up production of buildings and units.


From a graphics standpoint, Battle Command is a pretty impressive game. It doesn’t have the most intense graphics, but this title is illustrated a little more serious than other war games like Rubicon’s Little War Game or similar battle strategy titles. Battle Command in general takes itself a little more serious all around, though it isn’t extremely heavy or gritty either; this title finds the perfect balance in its tone.

Battle Command is a highly entertaining title which plays a lot like games such as Starcraft. Players will reminisce about the original Blizzard title while engrossed in the awesome battle gameplay that Spacetime Games has given folks on mobile devices. While there isn’t a strong multiplayer element to this title, the rest of the game will suck players in, having them scream for more as they come back time and time again for more battles to command.

Battle Command Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Pretty good graphics and decent sound for a free to play title.
Controls - Spot on, simple to learn game mechanics.
Gameplay - If you like Starcraft, you're going to love this title.
Replay Value - You're so going to keep coming back for more and more war!
Overall - Truly an awesome experience!

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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