Battle of Warships Review

Battle of Warships Review

May 31, 2017

There are several warship battling games on Google Play, so it ain’t that easy to stand out. Good luck, Cube Software; Battle of Warship is on deck.

This one has one get right into it. Literally. One might be forgiven if they missed the tutorial button when they encounter the “Battle” button, but don’t fret; learning on the go is the name of the game.

But even before that, the graphics do make a great first impression. The cutscene shows the developer’s attention to detail and visual perspective, and even for the player that might not be a seacraft buff, the scenery should be a treat. The ships look like hulking sea beasts, and one can almost taste the metal. The physics are nicely done, with explosive explosions and screaming collisions.

The gameplay involves WWI and WWII era warships. The player goes to go into a battle consisting of two factions, arena style; the team that takes out all the opposing team ships wins. Simple. Rewards and goodies go to the winning players.

To start, one gets a “starter” ship, and can then upgrade it and/or attributes with game currency. A lot of the gameplay is intuitive, and strategy does matter when the actual battling begins, with time-restricted weaponry. In this war of attrition, you cannot take too much damage, lest you get knocked out and can only observe the battle conclude.


Fun all the way through, really.

The biggest complaint one might have is the absence of a tutorial. Now, figuring it as one goes is a worthy effort, and even somewhat adds to the game’s allure, but it does help for there to be an option in most cases.

A little bit of clarity with regards to the comparative strength of ships could be useful, especially with regards to advanced choice.

All in all, this one is a really enjoyable game. It allows for creativity, and the RPG elements just add to the whole package.

Nothing beats being a captain. The captain.

Battle of Warships Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Quite welcoming in their quality.
Controls - Take a bit of practice to figure out.
Gameplay - Fantastic fleet action adventure.
Replay Value - Very hard to put down.
Overall - A standout in a packed field.

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  • Rex

    Great game.

  • Michael Loud

    It is a fun game that I really enjoy. I love it when ppl play it fairly and correctly. However, there are times when I’m left so p/o’d that I need a time out, lol. Some examples…
    The aircraft carriers are a complete joke in my opinion. The players who use them go hide somewhere (like in a cove behind an island) so that they’re out of gun range for most of the battle. From their “safe space”, they launch multiple torpedos that appear out of nowhere that wipe you out while you’re engaged in a great battle with another ship. Complete BS. Nothing personal…but the players need to grow a set and go fight like everyone else.
    While engaged on a long battle with another ship/player, your “teammates” will often steal a “sink” (and your reward) from you by firing one shot after you’ve done 99% of the damage.
    A major flaw by the developers is that a player can bail out of a battle at any point they choose. The usually do so when they are seconds from being sunk. They just bail after you’ve used up much of your HP and you get no reward…they are no penalized at all.
    Lastly, the battles are usually very unfair in terms of balance. What I mean is the game will start with one team having a far superior team of ships…ends up an unfair slaughter.
    I do love the game…it just sucks when ppl decide to suck too

  • too fighter

    You should give the carrier a try. It’s hard to figure out but cool after you do. BTW. You have to hide because it doesn’t have any big cannons on it and it makes the game much more fun and realistic. You don’t ever steal a sink? Ya lying if u say no. Relax and e joy the game dude

  • alper

    how to play game with my friend

  • too fighter

    I don’t know. I kick ass with my Graf Zeppelin. Mahan is fun too. Get in real close on big boats. Cant keep their sights on you. Volley of torpedoes and boom

  • Gavin Stulp

    hey can anyone tell me how to use secondary batteries? i use the boat Brooklyn CL-40. it has secondary batteries, but i have no idea how to use them

  • Zack Ershad

    it is auto when u near to enemy ship it will shot them by itself

  • Zack Ershad

    just a game great coz can play offline so i can grow up i using arkansas bb and texas bb the most but it is weird why yamato is stronger than missouri bb by looking at the HP..then i want to play with my friends like i can invite’em play with me chat with other players when we in the warzone besides add more maps to make it fun to play.Also add more 3 stars ships i only can see(3 stars ships)admiral hipper and akagi think so.and 1 more plz write at the store types of ships like kaga is aircraft carrier yamato is warships some kind like that thx….

  • Gavin Stulp

    ok thanks so much bro

  • Its due to the flags you can buy in the game. If you click on the customize tab next to the workshop tab, you can buy different flags that add different boosts to your ship. HP, Firepower, Fighter jets, speed, etc. I only buy the ones with in game cash- but the Pirate flag is cool for like 3 or 4 bucks and gives a boost to all areas. One word of caution- once you buy a flag, it stay with that ship only. You need to buy flags for each individual ship.

  • This really is a great game, but I haven’t found any chats or online play (minus battles). Did I miss something?

  • Vindicated Deplorable

    Can anyone shed light on the update which features ammo of choice, either AP oR HE and how do you replenish them?

  • Ken Woods

    Yes, HE will cause fire damage as well. You can “buy” round when you click on the ship currently selected. You can also repair it immediately with gold if you’d like.

  • Taurus J.J.K. (CHOZN)

    Can someone PLEASE Tell Me How to Get Torpedos? Do I have to be a certain level or reach a certain rank? Do the 3 boats i have with there Torpedoes Max Upgraded With NO TORPEDO AMMO and None to Buy Anywhere have something wrong with them? Is it a Glitch that only I have to deal with in which I will no longer waste my time playing? If I don’t get an answer SOON…I won’t keep wasting my time playing anymore anyway.I really, REALLY Hate NOT KNOWING if I Have A Glitch from this Game or if I just need to Upgrade MORE, although their FULLY upgraded, or rank up idk or care.if Glitches DIDNT EXIST Then I Would LOVE to keep playing to find out everything KNOWING that nothing’s Wrong,I just haven’t Gotten there YET!So,any1……What,When,How so on and so forth ,Will I be able to get Torpedos?

  • John Marsh

    Torpedoes are only available on SOME ships, not all. STOP SHOUTING!!

  • Jade V. Maniago

    Yeah, but how do we get them on ships that can actually have them? Like the Zarl, Fletcher and Mahan? Thanks

  • Melissa Hine

    Does anyone know if you can transfer your game progress from an old phone/device to a new one and if so how do you do that?