Beach Buggy Blitz Review

Beach Buggy Blitz Review

Nov 29, 2012

Racing and driving fans will want to give Beach Buggy Blitz a spin.

If the graphics and gameplay carry a hint of familiarity, it’ll be because the hand of developer Vector Unit (of Riptide fame) is clearly evident. For me, that made this game worth checking out.

The graphics are nice, allowing for a whimsical take on beach craft with matching environment. The buildings, water and trees were rendered well, and the interactions (like running into structures and/or foliage) retained a degree of realism that made the game even more likable. I liked that the resolution of the graphics could be adjusted. The animations were sharp, and sounds popped.

The gameplay ostensibly involved me driving my buggy at high speed against the clock. If I got to a check point before running out of time, I earned more race time; the race ended if I couldn’t get to said checkpoint. Along the way, I accumulate points by traveling further and striking coins when they appeared, and avoiding huts, trees, cave walls, water and even birds.

I noticed that driving faster allowed me to catch up to hitherto unseen racers; battling them was a contact sport, and added another layer of fun and complexity to the game. Again, the physics of the action was fairly believable, and it was cool to maneuver for position while flying down the sand.

Back to coins: coins also gave me purchasing power in the in-app store. There were drivers, upgrades and vehicles to be had. Of course, real cash could expedite the process of getting goodies, but I was able to earn coins at a decent rate by just racing.

To echo myself in an earlier review, I felt whiny about the lack of multiplayer functionality. Again, this is a game that demands it. Still, I found that racing the clock amongs friends was a nice option, and I made use of it.

BBB is another lovable title from Vector Unit, and is the perfect beach getaway for Christmastime.

Beach Buggy Blitz Review Rundown

Graphics - Great graphics that will have sand in your toes.
Controls - Easy to figure out and customizable.
Gameplay - Fun gameplay
Replay Value - Enough wrinkle to make folks return again and again.
Overall - Another potential hit from Vector Unit.

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