Bezircle Review

Bezircle Review

Jul 22, 2014

Bezircle is best described in two words: chaotic and paradoxical. Both descriptions are, however, in favor of the game, because it is very addictive and has some through through its game design.

It has been months since Bezircle first launched on iOS, but now it is finally available on Android: Bezircle, from the Dutch developer Ludomotion. It is a tactical ‘beat-the-stuffing-out-of-that-button’ game. That may sound a bit contradictory: in tactical games, players need time to reach certain goals in the game and those games give players the time they need. And an old fashioned button smasher is quite the opposite: the faster one reaches their goal, the better.


In the chaos of the paradox that Bezircle certainly is, players may find a true addictive game. The addictive nature of the game is what makes it truly unique. The goal is to ‘bezircle’ the circles on screen. Players need to move the worm from circle to circle, but that is only possible via the link road with just a tap of the only (digital) button. When the player is at the circle they want, they need to hold down the button, while the worm makes his round. After that, the circle is for the player.

In the singleplayer of the game, players are constantly getting introduced to new gameplay elements: new enemies, weapons and goals to reach – there is really nothing one cannot think of that isn’t here. Getting those circles costs energy and the worms can get that by eating smaller animals. Later on in the game, there are levels where there aren’t much of those animal to collect, so players need to think about getting them as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is game over before one might know.

That one button in game is something that makes Bezircle that much accessible. But it is also a source of irritation and frustration. It is digital, and there isn’t any feedback for the player. And because it is so small, one might press right next to the button. Also, it is all the way in the right corner of the screen; my thumb was in an uncomfortable position during gameplay. We it is not possible to just press anywhere on the screen, is a riddle for me. This is just frustrating.

The multiplayer is where the game shines. Bezircle is playable with four players, but on a smaller screen (my Nexus 5 has five inches of screen space, but that is still too small) is it hard to see what to do. The best way to enjoy this game with friends, is to play it on a tablet. That way, nobody will be in someones way with their hand or anything. The singleplayer of this game is actually a very long tutorial for the otherwise brilliant multiplayer, because it is much more fun when players know what to do and when to do it.

Bezircle Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It has a bit of an ambient feeling to it.
Controls - Although it has only one button, it isn't well placed at all.
Gameplay - Addictive, simple, deep, strategic, fast and a contradiction as a whole.
Replay Value - Bezircle has a stunning multiplayer.
Overall - Bezircle is good. It could be great, but the control scheme isn't working for the game.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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