Big Action Mega Fight! Review

Big Action Mega Fight! Review

Jun 12, 2014

Beat em up titles represent the golden age of video gaming. What is more glorious than walking down the street and communicating with hordes of thugs via the global language of melee? Big Action Mega Fight! (from Double Stallion Games) takes on the genre in a confident manner.

The action comes in a bit gently at first to allow players get their feet wet. It runs just like beat ’em up games of old with action coming in from both sides, while the lead character rolls from left to right. The initial parts of he game give one an opportunity to learn and use the main controls: punching, hitting, throwing, rolling and more, all of which are useful at points during the game.

The waves of attackers begin to be more frequent and exotic in nature; more baddies with different attack and defense attributes, and actions can be tailored to dispatch each accordingly. Vanquishing human foes generally bamf1yields coins which can be collected. Then, there are dangerous, explosive chickens and other inanimate objects which can be thrown away. Of course, the enemy beings can inflict damage too (they all have life bars), so the idea is to make it to the end of the level with more life juice than the last attacker. Overall, the leveled action gets hectic, with more populated waves and tougher opponents. There are even boss-like characters that appear at junctures.

Coins can be used to increase attributes; real cash can be used as well, but isn’t necessary to enjoy the game.

The game graphics are whimsical, but overly silly; the animations are purposefully stilted, and there is some great use of color throughout the different levels. The pseudo-3D rendering of the playing area, as it gives some depth to the action.

It’s an enjoyable game in a great category, and it’s worth trying.

Big Action Mega Fight! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very colorful, with plenty of movement and war catcalls.
Controls - Fairly intuitive taps and gesture/dragging.
Gameplay - Mix of strategy, time management and resource allocation.
Replay Value - Easy to get addicted to.
Overall - Engaging game with whimsical rewards.
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