Blind Man’s Dungeon Review

Blind Man’s Dungeon Review

Jul 31, 2013

Blind Man’s Dungeon belongs to a lightweight category of games that only feature main menu, and a single gameplay mechanic. Although it means that the clutter of useless power-ups and in-app purchases is absent from the game, it also means that it’s incredibly repetitive, and if that one mechanic isn’t enough to keep the player interested for a long time, the whole game is pretty much useless. Naturally, Blind Man’s Dungeon suffers from the same issues. It has an undeniably working and unfamiliar core mechanic, but since it has nothing else, Blind Man’s Dungeon becomes dull somewhat quickly.

Blind Man's Dungeon 1The player is tasked with guiding a supposedly blind hero around with a fairy, whose ability is to build walls everywhere in her steps, unless there’s something already in that place. The hero always goes clockwise, so the walls should be built appropriately. The dungeon is screen-sized and tiled, and randomly gets filled with enemies, loot and traps. When the hero clashes with common enemies, he kills them and gets some points. Likewise, when he approaches loot, he picks it up, and gets more points. When the hero runs over a trap, or clashes with a special enemy, he loses one life, and the enemy isn’t removed. There’s a single activated ability, which allows the player to remove all the traps from the dungeon, but it can only be activated after a recharge.

This is pretty much, everything there is about Blind Man’s Dungeon. While it does feature different styles for dungeons and different heroes, along with various achievements and collectibles to mark at least some sort of progress, it’s still quite simple, and as such, can quickly become repetitive. Although it’s a very interesting game, and quite flawlessly executed one as well, featuring simple but endearing pixel graphics, and also simple, but working mechanics, it lacks variety. Some unlockable abilities, or additional dungeons, or different difficulty levels or something else to strive for, could greatly help. But, even as it is, it’s a fun little game, quite worthy of its price.

Blind Man’s Dungeon Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - For such a simple game, it looks and sounds pretty great.
Controls - Can be a bit tricky to get a hold of, but easy once you do.
Gameplay - It's great, but just too simple.
Replay Value - Although the game itself is interesting, beating the score is the only goal.
Overall - No real issues, besides incredible simplicity.

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