Blocky Roads Review

Blocky Roads Review

Dec 23, 2013

Never thought I’d have a chance to see a trend in development, but here we are. Minecraft is such a popular game with such a distinct graphic design that it has already spawned a whole generation of games that look exactly like it. Blocky Roads has gameplay that is nothing like Minecraft, or parts of it, but it looks exactly like Minecraft. It may actually not be based on Minecraft itself, but on any of its successors in graphics. The whole world, including the car and the designated driver, are build of blocks, and if you’re still not sick of the whole block thing, is looking really fine, with crisp graphics and cartoony, sharp textures.

Blocky Roads is a driving arcade game with very simple gameplay. Each level, the player needs to drive a car to the right, <em>Blocky Roads</em> 4″ width=”300″ height=”168″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-34603″ />collect gold and three crates, and get to the end. Even if the player smashes the car along the way, which will 9 times out of 10 happen because the car turns over, all the gold collected is saved, and can be spent on various needs. The needs include buying car parts that improve its speed, handling and other characteristics, new player skins, and new levels. There are also different kinds of cars, and the player can even build his own car from scratch, using blocks of different color. I found the process a bit tiresome, but if you’re interested in this sort of thing, it’s certainly a pleasant feature.</p>
<p>Although <em>Blocky Roads</em> is a great game, and I had absolutely no problems with it, it’s not perfect. The problem for me is that gameplay is too simple. There are lots of locations, and obstacles, and rockets, and runways, and ramps, and everything, but for some reason, it doesn’t amount to varying gameplay. 90% of the time, I simply pressed “forward”, and watched my car go through the level. 10% of the time I died stupidly over and over on some tricky cliff, but apart from that, <em>Blocky Roads</em> doesn’t require any skill. It’s not simple, but it’s unchallenging, if it’s even a word. Nevertheless, the game is fine, plays fine, and looks just fine.</p>
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Blocky Roads Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great Minecraft-style voxel all around. Music is repetitive, but fine.
Controls - The air rotation controls are wacky, but otherwise it's alright.
Gameplay - Just your run-of-the-mill arcade driving sim. Build-a-car mode is cool, though.
Replay value - Racing is a bit repetitive, but there are some other things to do.
Overall - I liked it. It's a bit dull, but pleasantly so.

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