Bloody Epic Review

Bloody Epic Review

Jan 17, 2014

Bloody Epic is another entry in the venerable endless runner genre. Does it satisfy your bloodlust?

Bloody Epic stars a random swordsman on an endless mission to slay as many orcs as possible. Like any fantasy warrior, his preferred method is chopping them up into tiny pieces with a large sword.

Screenshot_2014-01-15-17-08-03Bloody Epic plays like a fairly standard runner, except a lot more violent. Besides the normal jumping and automatic movement, Bloody Epic features a button used to raise or lower your sword. While the sword is lowered it stabs orcs, killing those with helmets and while it is raised it can be lowered to slash downwards and hit orcs who are holding shields, which block stabs. Whenever an orc is stabbed the player needs to flick the sword upwards to flip the dead orc off the blade.

Besides the normal sword attacks there is also a super slash that kills everything on screen. It can only be used occasionally and charges as orcs are killed off.

Unlike most endless runners one hit doesn’t end your game. The Swordsmen has a lifebar and can take a few hits before dying.

Screenshot_2014-01-15-17-05-19The problem however is that a lot of orcs usually appear at once, all jumbled up and it is nigh on impossible to move your sword fast enough to counter each of them without getting countered yourself since it’s tough to see who has what because they are so bunched up. This leads to a lot of frustrating, unavoidable damage. The only way to make it past these piles of orcs unscathed is with the super slash attack. If you don’t happen to have it ready however (and usually you won’t) you have little choice but to wave your sword randomly, take a bunch of damage and hope for the best. There are usually a few big packs of orcs like this in nearly every stage.

Bloody Epic looks almost decent. There are some nice cartoony visuals to look at and the game is full of blood. The graphics have a very roughly drawn style however, which doesn’t give much style to the game. The player character is aggressively boring as well and has no personality to speak of. Barry Steakfries this isn’t.

The sound meanwhile is very poor. A repetitive music score drones on in the background as you are treated to the same three death sounds over and over.

Like most games these days, Bloody Epic allows you to purchase additional swords and the like between fights. None of these fix the game’s problems.

Bloody Epic has some poor controls. The super slash is needlessly hard to pull off and many times I couldn’t get it to respond at all. The sword controls take some getting used to as well.

Less forgivingly, the game sometimes erases your progress. This is just as annoying as it sounds.

Bloody Epic isn’t really worth your time. Its poor controls, one trick gameplay and annoying mechanics make it a poor game.

Bloody Epic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Bloody but poor graphics, bad music and average sound.
Controls - Awkward controls that are difficult to use.
Gameplay - Repetitive gameplay and frustrating mechanics.
Replay Value - Gets dull very fast due to lack of variation.
Overall - Bloody Epic isn't very fun and its frustrating gamplay makes it annoying to play.

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