Bloody Monsters Review

Bloody Monsters Review

Feb 18, 2013

One of my favorite style of game is the physics-based game. Part of the reason I like them so much is because even though the levels are the same layout, the game can be just as hard the 15th time you play as it was the first time. Bloody Monsters is a physics-based puzzle game. The goal is to kill all of the monsters in as few shots as possible.

The game is all about the ricochet. The shooter is placed in a location where it is possible to kill all of the monsters with the allotted number of bullets. When the monsters are taken out with a single bullet (or the minimum number possible) 3 stars are awarded. Goals also part of the game. Some of the goals are pretty easy like killing 10 normal monsters while other goals will take a while to achieve. Shooting the monsters in the head vs. the body will earn more points.

In the first section of the game there are 120 stages to play. Each stage is incrementally more challenging. In some of the stages there are different targets to shoot at instead of the monsters. FOr example in one of the earlier levels, shooting at the barrels to knock them mover and they will fall on the monsters. Like I mentioned earlier, Bloody Monsters is all about playing the ricochet.

The graphics to the game are decent. The head on the shooter is a lot larger than that of the monsters. If the monster’s heads were that big the game would be a lot easier several stages into the game. As the game goes on, there are also weapon upgrades. After many of the stages, the games asks to be liked on Facebook or a review written in the Google Play Store. While I get what they are doing, it was a little annoying.

Bloody Monsters Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - There really isn't a lot of sounds, mostly the winning music and the sound of the bullet effects. The graphics are also decent.
Controls - The controls are tap and drag the cross hairs to where the bullet should go.
Gameplay - The first 15 stages or so are all a tutorial showing the different ways to shoot the monsters or what objects to shoot at.
Replay Value - Because there are so many stages per level, there is a lot of game to play.
Overall - Bloody Monsters is a lot of fun, but could get more difficult a little quicker.

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