Boonk Gang Review

Boonk Gang Review

Oct 13, 2017

Whatever you feel about the social media prankster known as Boonk, it’s probably a whole easier and safer to indulge on the game that bares his moniker: Boonk Gang.

The game plays in both portrait and landscape modes, and you take control of the main character. Our hero — antihero? — has an eye for others cash, and looks to pick up any he can get. What out though, because there are folks who don’t approve of these activities, and the number of people who look to catch our boy increases vastly very quickly.boonq3

This game is all about movement. As hinted at, you guide the main character to pick up money, which usually pops up around the playing area. But as soon as the first one is procured, other characters appear. Now, watch out for the borders of the playing area, because walking “out” of the area ports you to the opposite side; walk out towards the right, and you pop back in on the left. Go out at the “bottom” and reappear at the top.

… and those controls. the game uses two virtual controls: tapping on the left makes the perpetually moving Boonk dart at angles.

What makes the game compelling is the way it incorporates the controls. It takes a bit to figure it out, because it isn’t natural, but that is part of the game’s charm. Getting the goodies is hard enough, but when you toss in the exits and entrances and the “Man” and other moving bodies, the game becomes a bit more interesting.

For folks who enjoy quick reaction games that double as veritable time wasters, this one just might hit the spot. It’s silly enough to take the edge of any supposed moral rejoinders, but still provides enough of a challenge to make it feel almost mature.

Boonk Gang Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Retro leanings help give it a great intro visually.
Controls - Dual controls are very liberal.
Gameplay - Challenging, yes, but a bit one-dimensional.
Replay Value - Decent time waster.
Overall - Simple and easy to get into

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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