Box-e Review

Box-e Review

Jul 23, 2014

It kind of resembles Two Tribes’ Edge, but it has its own goals and control scheme. Box-e on Android offers great challenges for puzzle gamers.

Understanding a game like Box-e is not hard at all. Box-e is a fun, colorful little puzzle game, where players navigate a color changing block through a – at first not so difficult looking – maze. At its core, it is as simple as that. The tricky part is this: players can only use every tile of the level once in order to get the highest score as possible. If one uses the same tile again, the colors of the level will make room for black blocks, letting the player know that what they are doing is wrong.


The idea is to get as clean and colorful as possible to the end of the stage. Speed does not count toward the high score, so players can take their sweet time to lay out a strategic road for the controllable block. And that is quite necessary. Because right from the start it gets very difficult already, making it not only fun, but also challenging to play. Players really need to think before they tap, in order to finish the level as colorful as possible.

Players control the block in four directions, by tapping in one of the four corners of the screen. It is possible to go a bit lower than that – but the danger is here that one might cross over the invisible line of the direction boxes, resulting in the block going the wrong way. On the other hand, when a player does use the right corners, it is possible to open the history of used apps window or to press the back button. Luckily, that last one does not work, so that won’t disturb one’s game.

The game only has 25 levels to beat and most of them are pretty hard to get the maximum score of three golden stars. I don’t know if there will be more levels, but it is quite the downside. Most free puzzle apps have more levels to beat and this one cost money (1 dollar 21 cents to be precise), so it feels kind of weird to pay for something that has less content. But overall, the game offers an enjoyable experience in terms of challenging levels and very nice graphics.

Box-e Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Crisp and colorful.
Controls - Takes a bit of getting used to, but it's okay.
Gameplay - Challenging and thought through.
Replay Value - With around 25 levels, there isn't much to do afterwards.
Overall - A sweet, colorful, challenging and short puzzle game.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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