Brainsquare Review

Brainsquare Review

Nov 14, 2013

Brainsquare is one of those puzzle games that doesn’t have any meaningful context, and isimpossible to describe, kind of like Miley Cyrus’ career. And I do mean impossible – I struggle to understand it myself, despite the game’s seemingly simple premise. It’s a 15-puzzle, but in sixth dimension. A result of someone thinking: “Boy, these usual puzzles that concede to the rules of our universe are so boring! Let’s smoke some paintings of M.C.Escher, and then create a puzzle that requires your brain to be wrapped unto itself to understand.” (citation needed). Of course, any puzzle game can be accustomed to, eventually, but Brainsquare takes a little too much time for that – or maybe I’m just getting soft from all these infinite runners.Brainsquare 3

The gameplay is, let’s say, tricky. The play-field is covered in differently-colored tiles, with some of them having light marks near them. The player needs to shift the coloured squares, so that the light marks of similar colours would be connected with a same-coloured path. Imagine connecting electrical wires together to light a lightbulb. The shifting is what’s the challenge here. The tiles can be shifted in all four directions, but when you shift a line down, for example, the lowest tile is taken away and put to the left side of the field, on the same row. When you shift a line to the right, the rightmost tile is placed at the top of the border on the same row, etc. So, whenever you make a move, you change the whole board – and not only that, the moves can’t be undone. If you move a piece to the left, and then to the right, the border won’t return to the starting phase – it’ll change two times. I’m sure I’m impossible to understand here, so let’s recap: rows and lines of tiles, shifting to align by colour, impossible to get right.

Brainsquare is simple and gets straight to the point. There’s a bunch of puzzles, and when you reach the end of it, there’s a bunch of new puzzles, waiting on you. The game’s only free for the twenty starting puzzles, and the rest should be purchased – but it’s just for a couple of dollars. Brainsquare has an unusual concept, and if you crave for some challenge in a puzzle, this is definitely a challenging one.

Brainsquare Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple and stylish.
Controls - Fine, if you understand whatever's going on.
Gameplay - Same as above.
Replay Value - Interesting and challenging
Overall - An unusual puzzle for those who desire challenge.

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