Brave Frontier Review

Brave Frontier Review

Feb 12, 2014

Brave Frontier is a great-looking unit collection RPG. Is it a collector’s item?

Brave Frontier casts the player as a summoner, chosen ones who can summon the spirits of long dead heroes into the world. These super powered pokemon ghosts take the form of a huge variety of units to use, from basic elemental blobs that run up and bite enemies to huge dragon like monsters that shred everything in sight. Stats vary wildly, so there are mage type units that blast enemies with spells and more basic physical attackers.

Screenshot_2014-02-07-14-49-53Brave Frontier actually has a pretty amusing story, a rarity in games like this. A tsundere female guardian guides you though the world as you fight against four fallen gods that are using the land’s powers for their own nefarious purposes. While this might sound like a basic good vs evil story, a fair bit of humour is injected into the story which makes it a joy to read.

Battles in Brave Frontier are very simple. Just tap on an enemy and then tap on the unit that you want to attack that enemy. Elemental matchups play a huge part in battle, for example thunder units wreck water based units. After a bit of combat each unit can use their Brave attacks; super powerful elemental attacks that deal a lot of damage to enemies. Some Brave moves are actually healing effects or other buffs to aid their allies in combat. Smart use of these abilities is vital for winning battles

Screenshot_2014-02-07-14-53-11As with most games of this type, units can be strengthened by fusing them with other units and eventually evolved into whole new units with special materials. Working with units costs a lot of Zel, the game’s in game currency. This can be annoying as this gets very expensive very quickly and money takes time to earn. As always money can be purchased with microtransactions. Gems that are used to access rare summoned creatures can also be bought but they are very expensive. Honour points earned from combat can be used for free summons and weak creatures are also earned after every battle. There is no need to spend real money.

Brave Frontier looks great. A fantastic anime style full of life and personality lends the game a very vibrant look. Units are great to look at and you’ll have everything from huge dragon like creatures, cute female fire mages and bulky swordsmen in your team. As you promote a unit it changes appearance and looks tougher and stronger as well, which is very satisfying.

The sound is excellent. For a free game Brave Frontier has some of the best music you’ll hear. Peaceful songs accompany your time in towns and sweeping dramatic themes gives battles a sense of grandeur. Sound effects are merely ok. There are too many similar attack sounds and some more sound effects would have been nice.

Brave Frontier is an enjoyable RPG and while unit fusing costs can be irritating the game is good fun and the graphics and sound make it worth your time.

Brave Frontier Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks like a high quality anime, sounds pretty good.
Controls - Good interface.
Gameplay - Solid squad building with a good story to go along with it. Interesting battles.
Replay Value - Heaps of units to collect and fun evolving.
Overall - Brave Frontier is a enjoyable collecting RPG with gorgeous presentation. Worth playing.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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