Caligo Chaser Review

Caligo Chaser Review

Aug 11, 2010

Caligo Chaser is a Korean hack and slash RPG by com2us. The game isn’t much of a departure from the other com2us games that I’ve played before, but the graphics, gameplay style, and content do make it enjoyable to play through.

If you’re looking for deep story, this probably isn’t the game for you. You are, as usual, the next great savior of the world, but you’ll have to learn the basics in the starting town before you venture forth. The dialogue is campy and has plenty of Engrish and spelling mistakes, plus the flow can feel off as well. But who really plays a hack and slash for the story? The graphics and the combat are the bread and butter of this game, but where it really falls apart is the lack of education in its RPG elements. Before I knew it, I was level 6 and had 30 stat points to spend. Having a fascination with rogue type characters, I went all for dexterity. This cost me greatly as every weapon I seemed to find required that I had upped my strength. I highly suggest for your first play through that you divide your stat points rather evenly.

In the game, you run through a town talking to random NPC’s that will either offer you a quest of some sort. There are several specialized vendors that will let you combine items or identify items. But besides progressing through missions and dealing with your items, you’re mostly in the field. There are three exists to the town: West, South, and East. Each one has multiple tiered stages that allow you to progress to the next. If you want to prevent repetition, it’s best to load up on quests before you head out. If you’d rather just grind, you can go level by level and just unlock everything, but expect to repeat those levels for the quest rewards. When highlighting an area, it will list all the monsters in that zone, including any bosses as well.

Each level you enter has four screens to it full of enemies. You can either use one of your MP based abilities which you’ll find from fighting or buy in a store, your main weapon, or your gauntlet charge. The MP abilities are pretty nifty and usually enable you to complete bigger combos. The gauntlet is difficult as the range isn’t great and you can’t move when you’re charged, so you’ve got to hope you can charge without getting hit. The standard weapon is what you’ll mostly use and if you increase your stats right, you’ll do quite a bit of damage with it. At the end of every level you’ll be graded and rewarded with a few treasure chests to beat up before you move on.

My biggest complaint with the game from a functional standpoint is that when I first downloaded Caligo Chaser, I had to double check that I wasn’t actually loading up a game on my PS3. Why, you ask? Because the game took 5 minutes to download all the data it needed to even run for the first time. Before the install process started, I was presented with the option to download it over WiFi instead of 3G but unfortunately I wasn’t in a location where I could enable that. Once the game began, loading time was quick and completely negligible, which really made up for the longer install.

The art and sound in the game were pretty solid and kept my interest much longer than the story. I was pushing forward to see new monsters and get different weapons more than I was for the story. I’m of the mindset that once you play one KRPG, you’ve pretty much played them all.

Caligo Chaser Review Rundown

Presentation - com2us has done a great job at making this game feel at home on Android OS
Graphics - The art and animation is what will bring you back to finish this game. If you're a fan of Anime.
Sound - The effects and background music are decent, but they're not exactly memorable.
Gameplay - The system is nothing new and the the only challenge is the increased difficulty in every level. The repetition might drive you nuts
Overall - If you don't mind repetition and enjoy Anime KRPG type games, then you'll definitely enjoy this.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Morellozal

    Looks pretty neat. If you expected something more Dialbo like speaking of hack n slay I’d recommend Sacracy or Dungeon Hunter.