Candy Island Review

Candy Island Review

Jul 3, 2012

As a kid, I played Candy Land and loved the idea of a world full of candy. Now, thanks to this app, I can run my own candy store in similar setting. Candy Island is a simulation game that focuses on operating a candy store. The characters are little green blobs that live in this colorful world that is all sunshine and happiness, while cheerful music plays.

I’m a fan of simulation games despite my lack of patience. Luckily, in this game, I didn’t have to wait to long for my product to be ready to sell. The object of the game is to sell candy to customers and make enough coins or earn enough stars to level up. This premise is similar to other games like Café Story or Restaurant Story. A perk of this game is that I didn’t have to keep it open on my screen for my game to run. It will work in the background, meaning my candy will continue to refill. This is nice because I can go about my business and check on my game progress at any point.

The game offers a speed up button at the bottom right corner for when I couldn’t wait for my products to finish refilling. This is a fantastic feature. When I first opened the app, it guided me through the steps of operating a successful candy store. Throughout the game it also showed prompts for new features as they become available. In short, it’s a game that wants the player to succeed.

Using two fingers I was able to zoom in and out of the game. Navigation is easy; all I had to do was slide my fingers left, right, up, or down to move where I wanted. To monitor the progress of my products being restocked, I simply tapped the area being worked on and it told me how much longer the product will take. When it is ready to be restocked, a tiny bell will sound and an icon will appear over work area, like a piece of candy, and all I had to do was tap it to fill up my store. The workers will go back to refilling it automatically so I didn’t have to worry about making sure a new stock will be ready. Leveling up is simple. I stocked my candy store, earned coins and stars, and I unlocked new features as well as the next level.

The only issue I have with this game is the prompts to connect with Facebook or join friends often. Also, if I wanted more hearts I would have to pay real money, which takes away from the game, in my opinion.

Overall, with the cheery characters and simple premise, this game is a good way to waste time. I enjoyed running a candy store without having to actually invest real money in it. When it comes to a simulation game that’s a bit different from the farm story and pet shop stories that are out there, I recommend this game. It’s fun, simple, and free.

Candy Island Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Very colorful but not quite top quality graphics. Music was entertaining and fun.
Controls - Very easy to use but not always as responsive as I would like.
Gameplay - Captured my attention until I was left waiting for something to happen.
Replay Value - A game like this can be played over and over to get new levels and more money.
Overall - A fun game to come back to every couple of hours but not good for long amounts of continuous play.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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