CannonBall Game Review

CannonBall Game Review

Oct 19, 2010

We have reached our final destination in my rundown of Polarbit/Fabrication game reviews. The last on the list is that of Cannonball, a shooting-gallery genre game using a (you guessed it) cannonball. As usual with the Polarbit/Fabrication games there are absolutely no game instructions or tutorials to give you some sort of clue as to game rules. I will quote myself once more to reiterate my feelings:

Let me start with one of my biggest gripes with the Polarbit/Fabrication franchise. I have yet to play a game made by them that includes any sort of in-game instructions. This is frustrating because it’s naive of them to assume every single user will be able to figure things out. Even if you do figure things out it would be nice to know exactly what each option does. Thankfully you guys have me as a guinea pig.

In-game options and menus are the same as all of their released games and include cross platform leaderboards. For more info about these just read my review of 8ball


Cannonball is a shooting gallery type game, which basically means you use some form of projectile – gun, laser, ball, etc. – to try and hit various targets. This particular game uses cannonballs to bombard various targets on the high seas. Targets consist of clipper ships, floating bottles, seagulls, treasure chests, octopi and more. Most targets carry a scoring coin which when struck bounces into a multiplier slot ranging from 1X to 5X. Each level consists of a scoring goal which must be met within the set time limit (40 seconds I believe). An old fashion bomb equipped with a long wick indicates your progress. Your point goal is located next to the bomb.

As with most of their games they feature some pretty glossy graphics. The in-game music is fun and very fitting for this high seas carnival game.

Game controls are touch screen and there’s really only one thing to do: tap where you want to shoot. A simple concept with a not-so-simple delivery, since the touch screen it makes it very difficult to actually see the crosshair or your target once you have placed your finger over it. Scoring coins are very small and if you are off mark by even the slightest bit you will sink the entire object. This sometimes makes scoring very difficult. This may be challenging for some, but for others it could become extremely annoying.

Each level seems to be the previous level only faster. Things become very monotonous very quickly leaving you to forget about this game almost as fast as you downloaded it. Cannonball is my least favorite of the three Polarbit/Fabrication games I have had the chance to review, and for the price of $1.99, I would suggest you save your money. It’s a well made game but the replay value and gameplay excitement just aren’t there.

CannonBall Game Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - Graphics and Sound are about the only good thing this game offers.
Game Controls - Very simple. Only negative is the fact that your fingers get in the way of your visibility.
Gameplay - Very boring, very forgettable.
Replay Value - Only replay value lies within trying for leaderboard status.
Overall - I respect the fact that the game is very well built but gameplay is just not exciting. Replay value is near zilch and compared to other games this is not worth the price.

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