Carbon for Twitter Review

Carbon for Twitter Review

Feb 11, 2013

When it comes to reputation, Carbon is one of those apps that reached mystical status long before it released. With screenshots and hype from beta users, Carbon can be said to be one of the most anticipated Twitter apps Android has ever seen.

Thankfully, the wait is over.

Carbon tries to be a clean, functional Twitter conduit, and, as an opening gambit, it did look quite sleek. The stark black background with white font looked good, with the usernames and avatars displayed prominently. The animations were fun to see; for example, pulling down on the stream screen (which invoked refreshing) angled the screen and gave it an interesting transition perspective. Sliding left or right to the different screens also had a sort of cubing effect, which just made the app seem just a bit more, well, alive.

The main screen itself maintained minimal principles, with a post button, profile button and menu button residing onscreen at the bottom.

Functionally, Carbon is no slouch. First, it is able to manage multiple accounts. Entering accounts was easy as putting in credentials and getting a token. Swiping once or twice to the right of the Timeline got me to the Mentions and Messages screens respectively, which had the same feel as the Timeline screen. Long-pressing an individual tweet gave me an opportunity to reply, quote, re-tweet or star the tweet. It took me a minute, but I eventually that swiping with two fingers up or down to the top and bottom of the screen. It worked well with images and links.

The Menu button had links to starred tweets, lists, trending hashtags, search tool, filters and settings link. I could toggle notifications for mentions and messages in the Settings tab, as well as manage my Twitter accounts.

All in all, I found Carbon to be incredibly snappy, and fairly functional within its minimalist design. For convergence feens, the lack of other social networks may be off-putting, but to be fair, Carbon only promises to be awesome at Twitter, and I think it does. Also, jump-to-top wasn’t easy for me to figure out as I would have liked, and it’s a true shame that it isn’t yet optimized for tablets.

Still, I find no difficulty in proclaiming it to be one of the best Twitter clients on Android.

Carbon for Twitter Review Rundown

Interface - Looks great, and the minimalist look is quite becoming.
Usefulness - Very effective Twitter client that hits all the major functionality.
Performance - Well conceived, and well executed.
Value - A lot of punch for an all low price.
Overall - It actually seems this app lives up to the hype.

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  • Eric

    It’s already reached 100K in downloads. I wonder how many API tokens they have left for new users. Will it die before it becomes the top dog? Or will they get more API tokens?

  • Tre Lawrence

    The token issue IS a problem. I don’t know how fast Twitter is sticking to its guns; for now, all we can do as consumers is hope people release their unused tokens.