Causality Review

Causality Review

Apr 24, 2017

Simple puzzle games are always potential charmers, and Causality is a new-ish one we couldn’t turn away from.

To start out, the gameplay shows up as being relatively easy. You, the player, take control of an astronaut stranded on a weird world, and look to get him to safety.

But these are very, very weird lands. Weird creatures, landscapes and such, but especially weird happenings: multiple instances of self that the player comes across while traversing the playing area, and the ability to go back and forth in time.

The multiple instances manifest as several astronauts, which start to appear after the first few cursory, introductory levels. The main idea is to guide the astronaut along the tricky squared path to an end square, at which point the level ends.

Soon, one has to deal with the first “extra” astronaut; with the use of the direction buttons, one can play around with which path to make them take. Solving the puzzles sometimes means getting to a button which opens a path, and then figuring out how to double back to get to the endpoint.


The game also makes use of time limits, so doing solving before time runs out is key. If failed, one can reverse time to try another sequence of movements.

The game goes on and on, gradually increasing in difficulty, with more space gear-clad pieces making their way onto the playing area. The main goal remains; get the different colors from point A to the color-matching end square, avoiding all obstacles in the way.

If it feels a bit like the Go series of games, the familiality will be delightfully excused; the time manipulation concept works well to create interesting solutions. Because of the design, one is also able to correct mistakes at the point of creation, and also play around with different paths.

It plays as easy as itis to get into it, and has plenty of levels available.

Causality Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple but effective media.
Controls - Engaging touch controls.
Gameplay - Time reversal element helps pull it up beyond the norm.
Replay Value - Fun to play around with in spurts and over longer periods.
Overall - A great puzzler, well worth a look.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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