ChromeMarks Review

ChromeMarks Review

Jan 18, 2011

If you’re the proud owner of an Android device, chances are you also use many of Google’s “products.” For some unknown reason, Google seems to be on the slow side when it comes to integration and syncing of common products and features (look how long it took to get a subpar Google Reader app). Another vexing omission is the lack of bookmark syncing. My Google Chrome bookmarks make my life .00003% more productive and I love them for it! Yes, you could always manually re-bookmark each site within the Android browser, but if you have a long list of bookmarks, then it really — sucks.

I’m sure Google will eventually fix this tomfoolery but until then, I recommend picking up a little app called ChromeMarks by developer howardb. ChromeMarks is the only Android app available that gives users native access to all of their Google Chrome Bookmarks. Now before you get too excited, it does not actually sync them to your mobile browser, it syncs them to the app itself and that is where you must go to access them.

Syncing is fairly easy and can be used to sync to any Google account you have linked to your phone. Once synced, all your bookmarks and folders will be displayed in an organized alpahbetical list for easy navigation. Bookmarks will open in whichever browser you have set as your default. You can also long press on a bookmark to bring up more information and options such as adding a shortcut to your homescreen.

In ChromeMarks you can easily create, edit or delete bookmarks and all changes made on your phone are instantly visible in your Chrome browser (and vise versa). ChromeMarks includes other options such as sharing links, sync settings, available search through Google widget and three separate themes. Having my bookmarks quickly and neatly available is well worth the $2.00 this app costs.

As I stated before, the bookmarks are only available through the app itself so I’m going to go ahead and give you a couple of tips on quick and easy access:

  • Long press on your devices “search” button for quick access to ChromeMarks.
  • Add a shortcut to your homescreen.
  • After accessing a bookmark through ChromeMarks, simply long press on your devices “home” button to quickly re-access ChromeMarks.

The actions of accessing the app to then access your bookmarks really isn’t any longer than if you were to use bookmarks in your mobile browser. For example:

  • Stock Browser – Menu>Bookmarks>Choose Bookmark
  • ChromeMarks – Long press Search>ChromeMarks>Choose Bookmark

ChromeMarks receives a well deserved stamp of approval and will remain on my device until Google gets their heads out of their arses. Skeptics can always download the “Lite” version to test it out and see if it fits their needs. Both are available via the Android Market or by following the links provided.

ChromeMarks Review Rundown

Appearance - Simple, clean and easy to read with 3 themes to choose from.
User Interface - Quick access and easy navigation is just a click away.
Functionality - Does exactly what it is supposed to do and does it as efficiently as a stock integration would. Two way sync -- Win!
Usefulness - I use it everyday, how's that for usefulness!
Overall - Where Google has failed, ChromeMarks has succeeded. Allow me to organize my bookmarks manually and you get a 10.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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