Circle Stop Review

Circle Stop Review

Feb 6, 2014

It’s pretty difficult to come up with a game concept simpler than Circle Stop. There is a dot, “rolling” around in a circle in the middle of the screen. Other small dots of various colors are spawned on this circle, and the player needs to touch the screen just when the main dot’s trajectory overlaps with other dots, to get some points. Then the colored dots are removed, and the others are spawned, while the “player” dot keeps rolling and rolling, until the player three mistakes, tapping while the dot is not over anything. Then the game ends and the player gets a score and there’s nothing else.

Circle Stop definitely lacks variety, or really any unlockable stuff. There are several themes that change the color of the game effects, as well Circle Stop 2as the soundtrack, but to be fair, I found them somewhat irritating, and switched to the fat better and calmer original mode. Besides that, and the option to share your High-score, there’s nothing to get in Circle Stop. Maybe it’s actually a good things, as the game is a very peaceful and calm experience. Although it is pretty challenging at first, the game is very soothing, and I’ve started floating off in an almost dream-like state, after a while. It’s exactly why I didn’t like other game modes. They are all flashy, and loud, while the default mode is exactly what helped me enjoy Circle Stop to the most.

In my opinion, it’s not a “subway” game, or an “office break” one. It’s best played on a slow afternoon, to clear one’s mind of the daily challenges and focus on a dot, moving around in a circle. I’m somewhat fascinated by Circle Stop, because it’s such a simple little game, but if you play it for a while, it just grabs you and you get completely lost for the outside world. It’s not perfect, and some additions and design fixes could help it become better, but it’s a cool, relaxing experience, if you like simple arcades.

Circle Stop Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very basic. Additional color modes are a bit nausea-inducing.
Controls - Just tap anywhere and that's it.
Gameplay - Simple, but captivating.
Replay Value - Infinitely replayable, but lacks variety to keep interesting for a long time.
Overall - A great, simple arcade. Some additional content wouldn't hurt, however.

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