Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans Review

Nov 13, 2013

Clash of Clans, the mighty city building combat game hit has finally made its way to Android. Did it make the journey intact?

Clash of Clans plonks the player down with a Town Hall and not much else. From there the player builds (and upgrades) resource buildings to support the base, military buildings, base defenses and an army of hairy, sword wielding barbarians to destroy their enemies. Many kinds of troops are on offer. Archers, while less hairy are great for picking off enemies behind walls and Giants work well to soak up hits while other warriors tear the enemy apart.

Clash of Clans features both a single player campaign about crushing the ever evil goblins and earning resources along the way and a major multiplayer element.

Screenshot_2013-11-13-06-28-51The single player campaign missions are decent enough, presenting a greater challenge with every mission. They work well to familiarize the player with the troops on offer and give them a resource boost.

Of course the main focus of Clash of Clans is multiplayer. Any one of thousands of online clans can be joined. Joining a clan gains valuable allies that can send troops to aid the base. Clans compete to earn the most trophies and these are ranked on a global clan leaderboard. Trophies signify status and are earned by fighting and winning multiplayer battles or successfully defending the base.

Actual combat in Clash of Clans is easy to learn but there are so many things to master. At a basic level it’s as simple as just tapping and holding to deploy troops and they will automatically move to attack a nearby enemy or building. Of course the enemy has troops and defences too and it’s important to match the correct kind of troop to the situation, such as having tough giants taking hits from enemy defences, while the swordsmen bust though their wall and archers shoot at enemies behind the wall to stop them killing off Barbarians. Battles are short, but sharp and very enjoyable.

Screenshot_2013-11-12-21-53-33Clash of Clans is a freemium game and there are quite a lot of timers involved. This is more of an issue early in the game when there is little to do other than upgrade a lot of buildings and slowly wait for the base to construct. As usual, a premium currency can be used to speed things up and CoC hands out currency for completing achievements pretty often so there is usually enough to get by.

Clash of Clans looks great. Troops and buildings are full of personality and they even change as they are upgraded. Battles are great fun to watch.

Soundwise, Clash of Clans is excellent. Battles are suitably loud and clangy and base construction sounds like it should. Some pleasant music helps the game along as well.

Clash of Clans is a premier game that has made the move from iOS completely intact. It’s good fun and should be a lot of fun to any RTS fan.

Clash of Clans Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Full of colour and flair
Controls - A sharp interface thats easy to use.
Gameplay - Deep and engrossing, timers can be annoying.
Replay Value - Enough content to keep you playing for months.
Overall - Clash of Clans is an excellent game and a must play for anyone who enjoys strategic gameplay.

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