Feb 1, 2016

If you know us, you know we like em simple.

CLOCKS is simple.

The premise is pretty easy to understand, and even funner to play. There are two modes: Survival and Quest, and we started off in Quest, which brings leveled gameplay. The game is oriented in portrait, and in its basic form, uses basic colors as the background. On said background, several 2D clocks of differing sizes are placed, somewhat randomly on the grid. Each clock has an hour hand, spinning around the clock… some go clockwise, and others anti-clockwise.

Now, imagine that each moving hour hand is a loaded cannon. Using the prominent “shoot” button at the bottom of the clocks3playing area, the idea is to start with THE prominently highlighted start clock and shoot into another clock — or, pass on the playing pellet if you will. It takes a bit of timing to hit the shooting button right at the exact time; missing automatically ends the run, so one needs to be pretty sure-fingered.

As soon as one hits the one clock, it’s off to shoot the next, and so on and so, until the clocks are cleared.

Oh yeah… did we talk about the clock? There is a nefarious countdown timer, and one can earn a cool bragging star for clearing it. Finishing a level opens the next, and failed levels can be re-played.

Survival is more of a “go-on-till-you-miss experience; no clocks here. Just play till one can’t.

It works because it is able to bring a challenge, but isn’t crazily difficult. One has to do several things, and do them quickly: identify the starter clock (and it isn’t always the same one, for those wondering). Then, dealing with clocks that move at different speeds makes for engaging play. It comes together well.

There are ads, and some that open a chance for a last shot re-play; ads can be killed via in-app purchase.

All in all, simple but fun, and quite worth a look.

CLOCKS Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cheery and vivid.
Controls - Tap to shoot: simple.
Gaemplay - Ratchet gameplay is surprisingly enjoyable.
Replay Value - An addictive one.
Overall - A well done game.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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