Clue Review

Clue Review

Mar 31, 2017

When we a version of popular board game Clue on Google Play, we had to check it out.

The game starts out as one versed in the game would expect… with the selection of the character. the whole crew is present: Mustard, newish character Orchid, Scarlett, Green, Peacock and Plum. Then, one can pick other virtual players, and select the difficulty from three levels, ranging from easy to hard.

Then, it’s off to the game.

Yes, Boddy is our victim. The idea is to figure out the where, what and the who of the crime; this is done by deducing the cards in the solution envelope.clue3

The gameplay pits the player against the game UI, and one can select to against two or more virtual opponents. The virtual playing cards are set in their categories (Suspects, Weapons and Room), and one random card from each category is placed in the solution envelope. After this selection, the rest are dealt amongst the players. These animations are all performed at the onset, and is pretty nifty.

The game starts with the roll of the dice; this done by tapping the virtual pair. The idea is to get to rooms, and then “suggest” who did the deed, along with what weapon. The basic strategy from the “real” game remains: after each player’s suggestion, the successive player(s) has to show a card that is part of the current suggestion that is in his/her possession. The other players take relevant notes to narrow down the choices.

Here is where the arguably the biggest adjustment manifests. Instead of a physical note and pencil, the game utilizes an automatically-filled out digital form. This does make the game quite manageable, though it somewhat eliminates the game’s native charm.

And thus it goes, until the final guess is proffered. If successful, the player wins. If not, game over.

So… to the big question: how does it really compare to the physical board game? Quite well, actually. Anyone who has played the physical version should enjoy this. On the one hand, the lack of multiplayer is somewhat understandable but still pertinent.

Clue Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Sing-songy sound with glossly looks.
Controls - Intuitive touch controls.
Gameplay - Faithful to the source; begs for multiplayer option.
Replay Value - Easy to get lost in.
Overall - An enjoyable, familiar romp.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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