ColorNote Review

ColorNote Review

Dec 6, 2010

Ahh, the sticky note. That quintessential reminder tool that allows us to free up brain cells for more important tasks like playing Angry Birds. The older I get the more I find myself needing some sort of reminder/to-do list to help me remember the important stuff. ColorNote by Note is a simple yet creative notepad app that brings these famous sticky stationary pads to our powerful Android devices. Instead of your average boring notepad app ColorNote gives you a colorful and fun way to ensure you don’t forget the eggs or to feed your mothers cat while she’s away. Now don’t confuse fun and colorful with unproductive because ColorNote is full of all the necessary tools to make sure things get done. On that note (pun intended) I believe a rundown is next on my list of things to do.

Creating a Note

Creating a note is very easy. Once you open ColorNote just click on the “Add Note” option and choose which type of note you wish to create. There are two types of notes to choose from:

  • Text Note – Input whatever text you wish for future reference or editing in true notepad fashion.
  • Check List – Input multiple items individually to form a list by clicking on “add item.” One touch check/uncheck function for items. Easily organize items with drag and drop positioning.

Once you have chosen the type of note you wish to create, your next step is to give the note a title (If you don’t input a title, it will use the first word of the note as the title) and choose a color scheme (9 available colors). The color identification system helps to keep items of similar categories organized and easily identifiable. Now you can proceed to create the body of your note or list. To save your notes you must press the back button on your device which is confusing and counterintuitive in my opinion. I’m hoping the developer will consider implementing a “Save” option in future updates.

Main Menu Screen

Note: Some options are displayed and all other options can be accessed by pressing your devices menu key.

All your notes (Checklists will display a “check mark” on them) will be displayed the main menu screen and can be viewed in either a “List” or “Thumbnail” view. There is also an option to view a color grid which displays how many notes you have in each of the 9 available color schemes. All notes can be sorted alphabetically, by color, by reminder time, or by modified time. Easily locate items, notes or text within all your saved notes by using the search function. Use the “Backup” option to save your notes to SD. Access “General Setting” to customize default options such as color, font size, sort options and list item height along with “Editor Settings,” “Reminder Settings,” “Security Settings” and “Advanced Settings.”

Sharing, Reminders, and Widgets

Sharing a note or list with someone or simply sending yourself a copy is easy and can be done at anytime within a note. Simply press the “Share” option and choose any available device sharing option you wish to use. Create and set reminders for your notes to ensure you don’t forget the very things you are trying not to forget. There are various options for setting reminders which can be accessed by pressing the “Reminder” option.

The widgets are really the fun part. Stick any of your notes to your home screen by long pressing on your home screen>Widgets>ColorNote>Choose Note. Now you have a colorful Post-It reminder easily viewable and accessible right on your device’s home screen. Notes and lists can be dragged and dropped in any area you wish and can even display the number of items still unchecked. You can also pin a note into your notification bar through reminders which is a great way to keep a note in view while also keeping it out of view.

With all the customizations and options ColorNote has to offer you are sure to have a boost in productivity while helping you to bring home the bacon, both literally and figuratively. ColorNote has proven a top contender in the Notepad/Productivity apps and does it all at the low cost of FREE! So if you’ve been looking for a fun and easy way to aid your memory head on over to the Android Market and download ColorNote by Note.

ColorNote Review Rundown

Appearance - Not the most professional or attractive notepad app but those darn cute widgets make up for it.
User Interface - Very simple and easy to use UI makes creating notes a breeze.
Functionality - Has everything a good notepad app should have: Checklists, Reminders, Password Locks, Drag and drop, Widgets, and Secured Backup. Only thing I ask for is a "Save" option.
Usefulness - Great for people with busy schedules or for those who just need that extra reminder every now and then.
Overall - Celebrities have assistants to help remind them of everything they need to do, the rest of us have ColorNote.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • DroidNewbie2011

    I just downloaded this app and am wondering if there is a way to set the reminder to something further out than 30 minutes? To another day perhaps?

  • Welcome to the Android world! Yea you can set them for however you’d like. Open up the reminder menu and then click on the arrow pointing down under “Reminder Type.” Then select “Time alarm,” and then you can modify the date and time by pressing on them. So it would be this order:
    Reminder>Reminder Type>Time Alarm> Then just set the date and time

    There really are tons of options for reminders, it just takes a little getting used to. Hope that helps some.

  • Mike

    I use colornote all the time and learn more ways to use it every week . Would be wonderful to link or send notes to my mobile from my pc. I can, of course, share notes with my pc through mail or evernote, but the reverse would be ideal. Thanks

  • Kathryn Anderson

    I’m trying to set up my Droid X. I downloaded COlorNote and am trying to figure out how to back it up on my PC (or the web). I see in Android forums that the data should be viewable in Android/data/ColorNote. But when I connect through USB to my PC I can’t find the ColorNote folder.


  • Follow the path data>colornote>backup Your backup files will be in the backup folder.

    If you are unsure how to view your SD card files on your PC follow the instructions at this link:—transfer-files-to/from-my-computer

    After that you should see the above referenced folders. Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions.

  • Lmansufc

    I absolutely have loved this app, but have a new problem that I see asked all over the internet, but never answered. My droid died (screen no longer visible) so I got a new Droid x2. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to restore my old notes from the other phone. Any help would be appreciated! 

  • Djefferies

    I think the back up directions to back up to your computer are really lacking.  I have spent more time trying to figure something this simple out than I care to mention.

  • Zappos

    Great App. Would be so useful to have a Windows version to so all can sync…..

  • godsdragon

    I was just going to ask if there was a PC version for Windows.. I would even be willing to pay for it!

  • me

    I, too, would like a PC version so that I could create on pc then sync/download to my android.  I use it all the time.  Thanks

  • Stevepd1

    I need a PC version as well.  This would be the perfect app if such a product existed.  Please create it and let your users know.  Thank you!

  • Wm

    Would be great if it included the ability to sync with pc

  • Firefoto1

    I love this app. I store names and address of customers and when I need to I can click the address and it can take me to Google maps & navigation. I wish I could add & edit & delete on my PC & then sync to Vortex.

  • Jaume

    Hola Vincent.
    Entiendo que por ahora todavía no se pueden sincronizar las notas con el PC o google, correcto?
    Gracias por el buen trabajo hecho con esta aplicación.

  • Savvoura

    LOVE this app.  I use it all the time.  I wish it had some font capability so I could make words a different color or bold.

  • just

     Help me please! I’ve installed the application, but i can not find Color
    Notes in widgets after I press long an empty space at home screen and
    choose widgets =/ I have Samsung Galaxy Ace if it helps… Help me
    please, I wanna make a note on my desktop!

  • just

     Help me please! I’ve installed the application, but i can not find Color Notes in widgets after I press long an empty space at home screen and choose widgets =/ I have Samsung Galaxy Ace if it helps… Help me please, I wanna make a note on my desktop!

  • oh my this has been 2 months ago!…hope you’ve already found your solution..but if not yet, then here’s how: go to settings>applications>manage applications>in downloaded, click colornote>under storage, click move to phone….then redo the process in the homescreen…and that’s it! it doesn’t show in the widgets list because colornote is in your sd card, not in your phone…^^