Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip

Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip

Dec 12, 2016

Frankly, I didn’t know what exactly to expect from Colt Express. Yes, it is spawned from a fun board game, but how on earth would it translate to mobile?

Spoiler alert: surprisingly well.

Hold that thought…

The artwork is fun with a bit of the whimsical; the fast-moving backgrounds and card characters invoke the old west quite adequately. The continual might be distracting for some, but the gameplay hopefully nullifies this for most.

It took a bit to get used to the card and their permutations, but with a little bit — okay, a lot — of practice, it began to come together. The tutorial did help a great deal, but it could be said that nothing beats actually playing.

The action takes place on/in the “moving” train as described above; when playing against the AI, the player takes on the persona of a train bandit. At the onset of a game, one gets chance-assigned actions cards, and one also gets so many opportunities to use them in the round, in turn with the other players.


The cards are straight-to-the-point: they initiate stuff like movement, punching/shoving, shooting, picking up goodies and even summoning the big bad marshal. The idea is to outwit each and out-accumulate the other bandits, avoid the marshal and end up with the most cash at the end of all the rounds.

One can move around, towards loot and away from others, on top of cars and through them, and so on.

In each around, the players have to select cards in advance; thus, there is a big reliance on planning ahead, because to succeed, one has to take into account the opponent moves. The game throws in a toughie every now and then too, so there is plenty of challenges available.

The game is smart enough to have multiplayer, though this is random.

All in all, it was fun — once I figured it out. It is a great diversion, and the board game elements really work very well.

Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Fun and engaging; could be distracting from some.
Controls - Intuitive dragging and tapping.
Gameplay - Engaging, card-based action that actually encourages strategy.
Replay Value - Quite addictive.
Overall - Surprisingly great adaptation of a tenured board game.

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