X Construction Review

X Construction Review

Apr 18, 2011

X Construction makes me glad I’m not an engineer, as I got to see the dark side of the profession, when shoddy building could lead to people’s deaths. In this physics-based building game, like a distant cousin to World of Goo, your goal is to build bridges for trains of various lengths. These trains like to cross over perilous chasms, and the task has fallen on you to build the bridges that they have to cross. However, things are rough in this economy, and you have limited supplies of girders with which to build these bridges. So, your goal is to build bridges that are physically sound in the most efficient way possible.

There are 15 levels in the game, which doesn’t sound like a lot, until you consider how absurdly difficult the 15 levels are. If you get to all 15, you have definitely achieved something. Be proud of yourself! This feels like something more unique than the typical World of Goo clone; while it’s about interconnected structures that connect via common nodes, the thought process is entirely different. You have to worry about support, and keeping the bridge standing up. It’s a unique process, and requires a different line of thought to keep the train from falling off to its doom. Plus, this game is one that you actually can’t get on iOS yet!

X Construction cares not for things like difficulty curving – the game largely just plops you down in the thick of it from the word go, forcing you to figure out what works from even the first level. When you get to level 6, the game suddenly throws a large map with over a hundred usable girders your way.It does not hold your hand at all. And the scream that the train passengers emit when they crash is downright horrifying. It is pure nightmare fuel. My recommendation is to play the game on mute, lest the screams of horrified passengers plummeting to their doom haunt your dreams. The game’s zooming is controlled through buttons, not through pinch-to-zoom. Also, it’s very easy to misplace your girders, as your finger covers the exact point where the girder will go unless you’re zoomed in entirely (and the scenery becomes blurry when you zoom in, too), and it becomes very easy to mix up the exact girder point you’re trying to reach.

X Construction requires patience and intelligence to complete, and will force you to think more deeply than other games will – but it will also frustrate you. Approach X Construction with caution, as its challenge can be addictive, but seriously…keep the game on mute. The screams will haunt me forever.

X Construction Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Graphics are purely utilitarian, but higher-resolution art for the landscapes would be appreciated when you zoom in. Points deducted for the blood-curdling screams that accompany a train falling to its doom. It is absolutely horrifying.
Control - Interface doesn't utilize pinch to zoom, just static multiple-level zoom, getting a girder at the proper angle is often tricky, and the buttons for adding/removing girders are annoying to use.
Gameplay - It is exceptionally challenging, and requires more thought about the building process than what other building games require.
Replay Value - Only 11 levels and several sandbox areas, but they will take forever to unlock.
Overall - The game is far from polished or perfect, but it provides a nice little challenge for people looking to use the ol' noodle.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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